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    Lagunitas Maximus. More hops than an acre of rabbit farm, strong and balanced.

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    Victory Brewing Golden Monkey Belgian.
    Close tie with Green Flash's Belgian.

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    then maybe busch if i want something light

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manglespam View Post
    Dogfish Head's Punkin Ale, so spicy and delicious mmmmm...
    Anything Dogfish is usually amazing, like the Chicory Stout

    or Rogue Chocolate Stout

    Both of those beers is like drinking chocolate candy

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    Yuengling, and Red Stripe from the tap, in actual Jamaica. (Nope, not trollin', it's quality.)

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    Chimay Blue is amazing, but on a normal night, I prefer Shiner Hefeweizen or BJ's Brewhouse Harvest Hefeweizen. I like the wheat.

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    Oh I also rememberd Blue Moon

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    Can't remember tasting bad beer, so I don't really care. Something that isn't too flavorful is always good if you plan drinking more than 2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pocketzest View Post
    If you honestly like red stripe, thats fine with me...but are you trolling us?
    Red Stripe is actually a great beer.

    My favourite has to be Tyskie, from Poland.

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    Young's Double Chocolate Stout, no doubt.

    As second I prefer Staropramen Dark.
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    Staropramen and Human Fish
    "There are no men like me. There's only me."

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    Im a fan of Budweiser, the rest of my family drinks Molson Canadian which is....okay i guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Srime View Post
    Young's Double Chocolate Stout, no doubt.

    As second I prefer Staropramen Dark.
    I tried one of those, compared to the chicory stout or Rogues chocolate stout I mentioned earlier it's nasty. You can tell it was made with artificial chocolate flavoring, where the chicory stout and Rogues chocolate stout is made with real chocolate.
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    anything by magic hat is amazing, as is st bernardus, chimay, and well anything out of belgum,

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    Guinness... otherwise Sam Adams summer lager is pretty snazzy

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    Franziskaner or Blue Moon.

    Or Bud. Nothing beats a nice cold Bud. And, actually, I had Michelob's dark lager the other day and really liked it.

    ...can I just say "all the beers"?

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    My favorite beer is another one.

    But on a more serious note I enjoy Boddingtons, Fosters, Guiness, and occasionally Modelo.

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    Kozel and Radegast

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    Local micro brewery here in NC has this one beer called Scottish-something, I cant remember and its bugging me.... anyways. It's lighter than any pale ale, almost as light as cream soda in color, and you can taste the oak it was fermented in. It one of those beers that forces you to enjoy it like wine and its worth every sip.

    Other than that, since I've only had the above once (/sadface) I'd have to go with dos equis, blue moon, or fat tire.

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    Nothing bets Guinness and Kilkenny. <3

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