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    Keep in mind that is changing, slowly but surely. The big name ones are still weak but many of the micro breweries are rising fast at least here in America.
    After the TV show Brew Masters on the Discovery Channel, where they documented the things that they do over at Dogfish Head, the microbrews and craft beers became so much more popular. Before I could walk into a local store here and they'd always have the beer I wanted in stock, but now they're actually out of some of the beers a lot of the time.

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    Guinness and Corona are pretty good.

    I usually only have Guinness with something that's been grilled though, the aftertaste is killer with anything else. I wish somewhere local had it on tap.
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    Red Stripe all the way!

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    Falcon, Swedish beer at its best.

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    Brewed in a city nearby

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    The best beer is not ''normal'' beer.

    It's fassbier! Don't really remenber how to say this in english (drought bear?)

    Drink it in Maß in Münchner Oktoberfest at Löwebrau'll be blown away i swear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korao View Post
    I generally drink Budweiser or Corona. But I must say I prefer the Corona.

    Edit: Like Dom from F&F(Vin Diesel) said, "You can have any brew you want... as long as it's a Corona."
    Kind of funny, exactly my two favourites too, although I prefer Budweiser

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    Lately I have been drinking a variety of beers from Ninkasi Brewing. The Total Domination IPA is fantastic. But overall I would say that the Stone Bastard and Ruination are my favs

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    I don't like beer or any other kind of alcoholic beverage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jodah View Post
    I love you, have my babies.


    Its funny though. My old man grew up in the generation of mass produced beer so he actually likes it. He doesn't realize that those in my generation prefer the stronger beers. He can't stand Sam Adams but he likes Genesee which goes down like water for me. We've had a couple discussions about how successful Sam Adams and others actually are. He thinks I'm the only one that drinks it :P
    Octoberfest is really good, my favorite from sam adams is Cherry Blossom, but my overall favorite beer is Yuengling

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    those and the others from this brewery.

    but after working on a hot day there is nothing better than a dark hefeweizen

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    I guess I'm not allowed to drink alchohol as a 13yr old boy but sometimes I go and buy me some 0.7% cider! I've yet been stopped from doing so.
    The only real beer I've drunken was a bottle o'Guiness. 7,5%.

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    Now: Newcastle Werewolf

    Usually: Icky, Guinness, Amstel, Anchor Steam, and anything from Rogue.

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    I don't like beer normally, but anything I've had made by Mack Bryggeri has been pretty darn good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdris View Post
    Now: Newcastle Werewolf

    Usually: Icky, Guinness, Amstel, Anchor Steam, and anything from Rogue.
    Newcastle Werewolf is meh at best. I want something more from a seasonal beer, especially a fall seasonal beer. It just seemed...rather bland.

    I feel sorry for the East coast U.S., there are so many top notch smaller breweries in the West...why is that? Anywhoo if you want a good IPA (I absolutely hate 99% of all IPA's) try Modus Hoperandi from SKA Brewing Co., they also make a top notch porter in a single called Nefarious Ten Pin Imperial Porter.

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    Heineken is best

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    These are my favorite and both from Iceland.

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    The local brewery's stout. Damn good. Worldwide I like Corona - mainly to get drunk.

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