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    Great Lakes Christmas Ale
    Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald
    Great Lakes Nosferatu
    Great Lakes Black Out Stout
    Rogue Chocolate Stout
    Old Rasputin
    New Castle for drinking whenever
    Ommegang Three Philosophers
    Stone Old Guardian

    I live about 5 minutes away from Great Lakes Brewery and thank god for that.
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    With as popular as microbrews are getting it almost seems cliched but my favorite is still Dogfish Head 120 Minute. I remember not that long ago, maybe 3 years or so, I could go in and get a few bottles when it was in circulation, but now I have to make a mad dash to any liquor store that has it and pray it isn't all sold out by the time I get there. Same thing with Hopslam. I don't know where the popularity came from all the sudden.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nbm02ss View Post
    I don't know where the popularity came from all the sudden.
    Like I mentioned on the page before...I think it has to do with the TV show they had on the Discovery Channel called Brewmasters, where they followed the owner of Dogfish Head around and showed people the types of beers he makes and how they do it. It was right after that show finished airing I noticed how much harder it was to get some beers.

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    Would have to say Fosters.

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