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    Quote Originally Posted by [-Spiritus-] View Post
    Did BEs go outta style horde side?
    Definitely late coming back to the party, and I'm sorry about that.

    Hard drive failure and all that jazz, but yeah it kinda seems like they did.

    I too would like to see an argument that compares how much more haste/mastery you can get by keeping Arcane Torrent, and saying it's not worth it because 1% from Goblin (and subsidizing your spirit) is better.

    That said: I would probably pick Troll when it comes to Holy if I was to change, just to have another "cooldown" of sorts. Weak? Yes. Better than what Holy has at the moment? Sadly, also yes.
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    BE. The extra mana can easily mean extra throughput as you can use your mana more freely. Don't believe the spreadsheet people :P
    Or goblin, for the mobility.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zka View Post
    BE. The extra mana can easily mean extra throughput as you can use your mana more freely. Don't believe the spreadsheet people :P
    Or goblin, for the mobility.
    It isn't about using more mana to "heal harder," but about how much mana/regen you need to complete a fight w/ proper spell selection and what that extra mana/regen converts into as SPI that could be eschewed for a secondary stat [hst/mst/crt].

    Unless the design is broken, which it has been in the past, more mana/regen shouldn't equate to more HPS unless you are undergeared or have underbudgeted your regen stats.
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    :/ I'm still forsaken as, when I created the character, I had Nefarian and Molten core fears in mind when it came to racials.
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    I'm still leaning BE. There are longer fights where you'll be gasping for mana even with "proper spell selection" and suddenly 26-36k mana a fight really starts to look nice. Of course i'm not playing in paragon, just dealing with sometimes a non perfect team, and performance at times. I'm also two healing alot of the heroic modes.

    A strong argument for troll is valid. more when you need it, which seems to fit alot of the models we've been seeing, ... lul in action... BURST.. lul... BURST... well having that + when you need it, and popped in conjunction with archangel, trinkets, or profession buffs, and not as a lazy static shines.
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    BE racial personally. All in all however, base your decision on which race you like best. The choice of your race won't prevent you in any way from killing whatever you currently plan to kill.

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    arcane torrent also interupts. i love being shadow and having 2 interupts when i need it..... also being a healer with an interupt when we're stacked on boss.

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    Goblin females are cuter. Also Rocket jump should never be underestimated.

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    I would go for Goblin. The static Haste is nice and the rocket jump is awesome.

    I can understand Troll, but as pointed out, as a healer it will not equate to more haste overall.
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    i would go goblin, rocket jump is handy in some fights.

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