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    figured i'd post this here as it's more to do with computers than anything else, but does anyone know of an application/software that can sort through music and delete duplicates and rename artists if they're in lower case? got over 20,000 songs copied onto my new hard drive and there's tons of misnames, such as Lamb Of God and Lamb of god, etc, and they're placed under a different artist, plus a TON of duplicates for no reason whatsoever.

    i know this is a long shot as something automatically doing this would be quite hard, and often inaccurate, but i can't really look through them all manually and edit them, i'll be here forever!

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    Edit: Just found this with a quick google, don't have any experience with the program myself. Try it out I guess
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    You might be in luck. I made an app to rename songs based on their ID3 tags, since iphone strips the original filename but not the tags, i was able to rename all my songs. It's not the best out there and certainly won't analyze songs waveform in order to match them, but it will rename them based on their ID3 tags.

    It takes the ID3 tags of Artist and Song if they're available, and renames them in the format "<Artist> - <Song>.mp3". It won't change the capitalisation of any of the files such as giving artists a capital letter, but it's there for the basic function. Files without ID3 tags it won't change. It's also only MP3 compatible.
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    cheers for rinse, i'll check it out. and synthaxx, that seems pretty nifty to sort out the raw files rather than the itunes library itself. i'll use it to sort out my music folder!

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