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    Quote Originally Posted by emanresu View Post
    Got any videos of these?
    My PC is not that good that it can play Fraps.

    Prophet interrupts almost every cast you do.
    Hit it with melee, have fast cast time. At split, instants and Stoneclaw.

    Ogre council is just crazy and even difficult/luck dependant for DKs.
    Keep your head cool. Mage first, then healer. Rest is pie with good use of Earth Elemental.

    Mag does too much dps (with adds, I've never managed to burst them down as ele due to casting knockback) to be able to heal and dps.
    I can see right here you never even attempted Magtheridon. Blast Wave does a ridiculous low amount of damage and takes 6 seconds. Enough time to heal yourself up. Stoneclaw totem up 24/7.

    Kael'thas I really have to see.
    same way as Raegwynn does. Don't use elemental during phase 4 due to MC (Mind Control will not be used if you do it solo). P1 = pie, P2 aswell. P3 is a lil harder. Have Thaladred and Sanguinar at the entrance, have Capernian in the middle of the path towards Solarian and Telonicus at Loot Reaver. Use the staff due to disorient. You probably have to soak one or two Pyroblasts (again, use Stoneclaw, Grounding haven't tested yet, but should work tbh). Start at Capernian in p3 (so move there in p2). Use Bloodlust/Heroism for Phase 2 as the weapons must be down (especially staff) before you go on Capernian.

    Kill mace first (it's a bitch to dps through solo), big axe next, then staff. Leave shield last.

    Ele is just generally poor at soloing because it doesn't have instant heals, can't dps at the same time and has crappy defensive cooldowns so I don't see how those are possible.
    Elemental isn't as good for solo'ing as enhancement, but elemental has better DPS bursts then enhancement and not as long cooldowns. Generally, you learn to play it over a longer course.
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