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    Best enchants for PvP heirlooms

    Hi, I'm going to grind out my mage and priest by leveling through bgs since they share gear. I got the full set of caster heirlooms but was wondering what the best enchants were overall since I'm going to use them at least twice.

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    +22 int on the weapon
    +9 stam on bracers
    + run speed on boots
    +100hp on chest
    +8 Int on head

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    There is also 22spirit which will benefit a holy priest more if thats what you run on your priest.

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    am sure there is +30 intellect on wep

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    Quote Originally Posted by zecount View Post
    am sure there is +30 intellect on wep
    thats spellpower, regarding damage thats better, but if you do not plan on dieing, 22 int for higher mana pool and a bit more crit is superb
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    +30 int on a weapon is a BC enchant, it's inapplicable on heirlooms. Vanilla +30 are spell power.

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    +8 intellect on head?where to get that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pilav View Post
    +8 intellect on head?where to get that?
    Afaik there is no head enchants avaliable for boa.
    for melee weapon its either crusader ot fiery weapon.
    30 sp for staff.
    +stats or 100 health for chest
    there is a nice cloak ench, but id have to look it up in game and its maitenance now.
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    Chest +100 hp, +100 mana, +4 all stats
    Weapon 30 SP, Crusader, 15 agi, 25 agi(2h only)
    Cloak, +8 dodge-+8 agi (I have on my melee cloak)

    Those are what I use.

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