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    Oh sham concil... How close am I to heal ??? (hc's or raids)

    Ive just started playing since cata came out and got myself some basicish gear just wondering if I am ready to go heal in hc's or zandalari etc ? P.S I do have the healing trinket from vendor instead of the mastery one that is use. Not allowed to link right away so my name is daichí on xavuis plus ima redo talents but dunno what to have. Please be nice first post !!! Long time lurker lols !

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    post link to armory
    you are ready to heal hc/zg when you have the item level to do so thats why blizz implemented it

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    First off, I highly suggest reading either the Restoration Guide or the Elemental FAQ (stickied at the top of the Shaman forum), pending on what spec you want.

    However, I'm going to ignore gear this second because I'm not sure if it's your Elemental set or not (since you logged out in Ele spec).

    That basically leaves Resto spec for me to critique:
    - Take Spirit Link Totem. It's great.
    - 2 points in Cleansing Waters isn't really worth it. If you insist on having some points in it, only have 1 (put the other in SLT).
    - You want Glyph of Riptide. If you want to keep Glyph of Water Shield, drop ELW glyph.
    - Glyph of Thunder? No.

    Overall minor tweaks need to be done. Update the thread when you log out in your Resto gear (assuming it's different from what you're wearing now).

    Are you ready to heal the Troll dungeons? Well, your item level says you are. Just make sure you're comfortable with your mana regeneration and are still able to keep most groups up

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    The fact that you're even bothering to ask if you're ready is a good sign that you care about your performance. For that reason I'd suggest do a couple of normal heroics, see how it goes. A lot of healing isn't just the gear level, it's also knowing what heals to cast and when. If the normal heroics go really smoothly, then it's time to step up into Zandalari heroics. While I'd advise getting gems and enchants for more of your gear, the reality is that you're probably GEARED enough to heal ZG/ZA, but we don't know if you've got the experience yet. Save yourself some potentially unnecessary wiping and do a couple of normal heroics first

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