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    Quote Originally Posted by Cryless View Post
    when someone else takes your spot you get mad
    Good one!
    I'm no rockstar .., i'm a fucking legend!!

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    Ultimately not worth the time, money and effort.

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    Raiding is like (fishing at a bar for) sex, because it takes the coordinated efforts of me and nine other peeps to make it happen in the first place..

    ..and at the end of the day it's still probably someone else that gets lucky when the "loot" is distributed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aqthedruid View Post
    You are happy when your pants drop.

    This comment wins the thread
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    Quote Originally Posted by Divaet View Post
    I love being self-richeous..
    Quote Originally Posted by DailyBlink View Post
    Malygos flips out and creates a mana blackhole. Mages no longer use Mana, instead having a new resource called 'Derp'.

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    Raiding is like sex in that:

    If you're doing it with a cat, you're doing it wrong.

    Everyone's thinks you can only do it like you see in the videos.

    People will read strategies MONTHS in advance.

    Just because it looks like a girl doesn't mean it is.

    The 12-year-old watching will talk about it to his friends for months.
    Classic servers are silly.

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    When you slip up everyone gets mad at you....

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    Raiding is like sex because there's always someone recording it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Imnick View Post
    You do know what islands in the ocean do right?
    They float
    true story

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    Raiding is like sex because it's more fun without your girlfriend.

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    - only bad ones post their meters
    - some like to do it while wearing leather
    - some do it from behind
    - you have to drink flasks when you're raiding a new encounter, but you dont need one if you're familiar with it
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    I only ever raid solo. =(

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    raiding is like sex with your wife.. you much more would like to do something else

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    Raiding is like sex because if there isn't a tank specced with protection there going to need a priest, unless you plan to wipe it up fast.
    And for the love of god don't link the achievement
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    raiding is like sex, the harder the better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zubacz View Post
    ...because only very few people do it with Dwarves.
    Dwarf Arcane Mage /Waves

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    Coz as long as you're a girl, you don't need to put any effort in.

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    Because everything up to that big moment is considered trash

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    Quote Originally Posted by undercovergnome View Post
    raiding is like sex, everyone thinks there good at it
    Hahahah :P
    Beauty > Personality

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    at first raiding is exciting and then you'd rather just get it done and watch tv

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    raiding. it's exciting at first, but ends in disaster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by troxje View Post
    - People dont like it when you are in the wrong instance?
    - People dont like to do old raids?
    oh how fucking amazingly well said

    Sex is like raiding because if you are bad at it people die.. wait wut.
    Successful sex is like successful raiding, it almost always ends in screams and moans.
    Sex is like raiding, because there is almost always one person that like to do it with pets involved (bm hunters)
    Sex is like raiding, because it is a 10-15min fight of you stabbing your daggar/sword(depending on how well equiped you are)

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