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    Best to have no more than 1-2 girls in a 10man group

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    raiding is like sex because the casuals hardly ever do it but complain about it the most

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    Raiding is like sex because Skelington knows most of the science behind it without ever doing it.

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    Raiding is like sex because you end up sweating if your good at it.
    Raiding isnt like sex just isnt.

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    I know i know!

    Raiding is like sex because someone always pulls when others are not ready?
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    Raiding is like sex because they both require a high hit rating
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    There's more bosses after Saurfang?

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    You need 'Achievement' and 'Gearscore' for it.

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    You can do it naked and have a smoke after you're done! (well or while at it)
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    Raiding is like sex because:
    - If you burst too fast it's no fun
    - Doing content too high for you is difficult, doing content too low makes you weird
    - If you're in the room and you taunt off your friend, you're likely to draw aggro

    That's all I've got for now. XD

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    raiding is like sex because your first time is usually bad and awkward.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knarko View Post
    ...neither gives me any satisfaction.
    Poor you. =(

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    Raiding is like sex because it feels good man

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    Quote Originally Posted by undercovergnome View Post
    raiding is like sex, everyone thinks there good at it
    hahaha ^^^this!^^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by I stand in fire View Post
    raiding is like sex because your first time is usually bad and awkward.
    Lol. So true unless the other people have done it more than you and teach you.

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