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    I'll echo what the others say about the Holy Paladin. Glyph for Holy Wrath so that it can stun the elementals, plus HoJ can stun them (I can guarantee both of these work, I do have an hpally alt that has cleared Rag).

    When I heal this fight as Disc, I help as much I can with damage via Holy Fire & Smite (I don't even think I have my Mind Spike and Mind Blast on my bars =X) and usually do around ~70k damage per transition. I throw in a Penance if I feel the elemental is moving rather speedily and close to the hammer. So having your Disc Priest and other healers do some some damage can help (I know Holy Paladins can't really do much in terms of damage, but their stunning utility is great. I can't speak for Resto Shamans as I am unfamiliar with them).

    For Shadow, I just Mind Spike + Mind Blast burst (and I might throw in a Mind Flay to slow the elemental a little or if he's almost at the 50% mark).

    Make sure everyone prioritizes getting the adds to sub 50%, NOT prioritizing killing them (unless they're going to hit the hammer). Choose to single target nuke over AoE.

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    FYI mindflay does nothing to a >50% son.

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    We dont have much burst/slow/stuns in our group so here's how we dealt with it on our first kill:

    First hammer:

    And second hammer:

    I keep flaying the boss when hammer lands to try and get 3 orbs up, pop AA, 2xMS and 1x MB and they're basicly standing still.
    I then swap to mobs from other side off the hammer and let the feral (tank) to my left clean up the leftover.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kynd View Post
    FYI mindflay does nothing to a >50% son.
    Hmm I thought it did. I've only DPSed the fight once (2 healed it for the first time last week) and I was under the impression it slowed it a bit. I take back what I said on MF slowing the elemental then ^^

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    As Ellumina said, a Disc Priest can put out some nice DPS on one of the Sons. I can solo one to sub-50% (so that it is slowed) before I had to switch back to healing the raid. We only run two healers, so the healing was a tighter; if you're running three healers, the Disc priest could probably solo one completely. Plus, if they're AA-specced, they get their stacks of Evangelism up and then have AA ready for when they need some burst healing!

    Mind Flay either does NOT slow or has a negligible slow on these guys. When I'm Shadow, I've found that it's just much, much, MUCH more efficient to MSx3 and MB, then switch targets. Finish any sub-50% ones off once all the ones around you have been brought low enough to be perma-slowed. It can feel a harrowing if you don't have any orbs up, but, I promise, it's totally doable.

    The BIGGEST advice that I can give for these transition phases is that, anyone with a stun should be using them. We have both our Pallies re-glyph, have our Druids pop into cat/bear, etc etc. Every little bit helps when you are learning how YOUR group should handle them.
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    Does anyone know if the stun from Paralysis works? My guild wants me to switch to it, even though I explained that the MS/MB spam would likely get them below half health by then anyway.
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    Power Torrent, Volcano and Theralion proc'ed, dots just refreshed. Everyone dies. Just a tank and a boss with around 200k hp. Everyone in vt yells "omg we failed omg omg" and you "don't worry amigos, my dots are steamrolling!". Boss dies while you'd say "Enjoy your loots" with a lot of purple awesomness spilling thru your voice. Just happend yesterday.

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    Both tanks should easily be able to take an add to 50%.

    If you're having trouble on the second add phase where you also have the big adds, have the DK pop army. It will take the big adds long enough for the blood tank, and perhaps the warrior, to dps the adds like they would in p1.

    I'm our blood tank and I'm easily able to bring an add down to 50%. The first transition I can death strike twice-if one crits he's down to 50%. The second transition I army while the hammer is cast, then have remaining runes+RP to drop an add down to 50%.

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    Paralysis is a snare not a stun, and definitely does not work. Neither does Psychic Horror

    You should save a couple orbs going into a Sons phase. You can solo two of them by MSx2 + MB the first and then MSx3 +MB the second one. And you should be on the further out ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DuDe1903 View Post
    Shadow; Mind flay as slow, dunno psychic horror works for stunlike, talented paralysis (dont recomended)
    Holy; chastise for stun
    Disch; emm nothing stun/slow guess

    All priest can Mind spike 3x Mind blast for brust imo.
    Slows don't work on the adds. The only way to slow them is to get them to half health.

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    Paralysis's tooltip is misleading though not completely wrong. It implies stun, but what it really means is a -100% move speed snare. So it's technically not a root or a stun but in fact a snare that reduces move speed by 100%.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slonato View Post
    Both tanks should easily be able to take an add to 50%.

    If you're having trouble on the second add phase where you also have the big adds, have the DK pop army. It will take the big adds long enough for the blood tank, and perhaps the warrior, to dps the adds like they would in p1.

    I'm our blood tank and I'm easily able to bring an add down to 50%. The first transition I can death strike twice-if one crits he's down to 50%. The second transition I army while the hammer is cast, then have remaining runes+RP to drop an add down to 50%.
    Even without AoD your tanks should be able to pick up the Scion and still dps down their assigned Son. In my group the tanks are each assigned to the nearest spawning Sons on either side of the hammer. When the Scions spawn all the tanks have to do is pick it up...then hold it while they take down their Son. If your Prot warr is having trouble soloing a Son you can suggest he use Glyph of Intercept. It will add 1 second to his Intercept stun. What I do is initiate attack with intercept (2.5 sec stun with glyph) then Conc blow for a lengthy stun. This allows me to finish my add and save Shockwave for the remaining adds, a few of which have usually gotten very near the hammer by this time. On top off all that we still have Charge if you are still needing a quick stun on an errant Son. Prot warriors are way too well equipped to deal with the transition phases. Good luck.
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    Not sure if i missed this but yall hve a demo lock who can hadle 1-2(3 if hes lucky if he metas) by himself. He/she uses the axe toss on the first add, hand of gul and felstorm. Immo aura, corr, immolate the next 1/2 and you have got yourself some help. I know this because i do it on rag every week.

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    Remember, as much as disc doesn't have any slows or stuns, the mobility you can gain from Life Grip is very useful (moving one dps from one side of the hammer to another)

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    As a disc priest in 10 man, I solo an entire add alone(3 healing). Shadowfiend+Holy Fire+Smite is usually more than enough to take it below 50%, giving dps ample time to finish it off while I continue to heal/help with other adds.

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    There are 3 different scenarios depending on where the hammer spawn and each require a bit of predetermined stun/kill orders.

    First scenario: Hammer spawns in the middle (even amount of adds on each side) Divide your raid in two teams, one team on each side of the hammer and arrange what adds get stunned and what adds get nuked to 50% first. Eg the first add people are nuking down to 50% does not require a stun. You can switch the dps a bit around since I don't know which are your highest dps'ers in the following, but try and even out your high burst dps on each side.
    Left side:Warrior (Shockwave, Concussive Blow, Intercept, Charge), Arcane Mage, Shadowpriest, Feral (Feral charge in bear form)
    Righ side: DK (Deathgrip), Paladin (Hammer of Justice, Glyphed Holy Wrath), Hunter, Warlock.

    Second Scenario Hammer spawn at the far left side:
    Left side: Warrior + Feral
    Right side: Rest of the raid.

    Third Scenario Hammer spawn to the far right side: Same tactic as above basicly
    Right side: Warrior + Feral
    Left side: Rest of the raid.

    The hard part is the second transition phase where your tanks have to pick up scions aswell. Just make sure your dps ignore them until all the sons of flame are under control. Keep the same stun/kill orders as first transition phase and make sure everybody is dpsing/stunning from behind the adds, so no one leaves a firetrail infront of the sons of flame, causing them to heal up.

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    We often pop hero in the second transition wich makes nukeing the sons very easy, even without the help of the tanks, and after that is still usefull to burn down the scions to have more time on raggy before the meteors spawn .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erto View Post
    It doesn't do the damage quick enough though, they need to be brought down asap. Better to just use Shadowfiend on the boss normally.
    Of course it does damage quick enough. Send it on add far away from hammer right when add spawns and fiend has plenty of time to do its damage. Around 100k damage for cost of 1 GCD. Also, in normal mode fight, phases before Sons spawn are not dps races, so not saving fiend to Sons is just number padding.

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    I can easily solo three of them myself on 10man normal mode by just spamming mind spike and mind blast, could probably handle 4 if I saved AA and/or got BL.

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    All priests:
    - Shadowfiend can be sent at them but I think for healers it's better if the fiend gets the full mana return and thus it shouldn't be used on adds that die fast.
    - Lifegripping dps'ers to targets that need help.

    As Disc you can use your PI on one of your casters to make him push more dps.
    As Shadow you can't slow, stun or root them as a SP (edited). Since you need to get them down to 50% fast the best way is just 3 Mind Spikes followed by a Mind Blast. Your MB will deal a lot of damage and probably push it below 50%. At that point you can switch target and dps another one instead. Saving AA is a good idea.

    If your raid can't handle the 8 sons, make sure you have all available stuns assigned (holy pally's can stun for 7.5 seconds, enhancement shaman can stun!, your prot warrior can stun like 4 adds...) Then set it up so that you always have high dps - low dps - high dps - low dps - ... This way the high dps can always help out with other adds. Use DK's deathgrip and the knockback of ele shamans and boomkins to make sure no adds reach the hammer.
    Prot pally's can easily solo an add. Make sure all pally's are using Hammer of Justice, probably the best stun overall.

    For 25 mans, assign 2 ppl, one stunner and 1 dps, per add. If there are any dps'ers without assignment, tell them to always take the add closest to the hammer.
    for 10 mans, you'll need 8 ppl, with 1 tank busy in the 2nd transition and 3 healers, it's hard assigning every add. Take your time to do it well. We go down to 2 healers to get in an extra dps and make every phase easier.

    Finally: In the 2nd tranisition phase, try to NOT kill the add that's furthest away from the hammer. When it's below 50% hp it moves very slow and you can use that time to dps down the 2 big adds. Don't forget to kill it tho ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blueeagle View Post
    so far what ive got is having the lock use felguard or go destro
    If you mean by that, he is demo specced and used the felhunter (with felguard for Demon Soul) then that is correct and using the felguard the whole time is a dps loss (based on how much mastery he has it's a minor or major one).

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