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    Question Enhancement T11 & T12 question

    Hello guys,

    Tonight i got my shoulder token from Majordomo. Up until now i was using my T11 Helm and shoulders and T12 Chest and hands to keep both 2 set bonuses.
    I got the BiS pants so i wanna go for my T12 Helm for my 4 pc bonus. Should i use the T11 Helm and hands + T12 chest and shoulder combo to keep my T11+T12 2 set bonusses or should i drop my T11 bonus and go with 3 Pcs T12 for a while until i get my helm?

    Thank you in advance for your time and advice.

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    I'd say keep 2+2 until you have 4 pc T12. However, I actually lost 500 dps on H Baleroc fight after going with 4pc T12 (2 of them are 391 compares to my two pc 372 T11). Maybe it's because I'm still using two crappy 359 weapon...

    As usual, SIM is your best friend.
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    Since 2pc T11 is so powerfull you can expect a significant DPS loss when dropping 2pc T11 without gaining 4pc T12. That's for sure, even without simming it

    But considering the 2pc T11 -> 4 pc T12 part, you should clearly sim to get objective results. anything else will fall under the "in my opinion and as far as i know"-part^^

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    Thanks for your replies guys. Ill try to sim it tonight and see what comes out. I tryed to link my character here but im not allowed to link or post images due to post restrictions.

    Maybe after this post it will let me link my character.

    Indeed the 2 pcs bonus of the T11 is very powerfull. That why i didnt want to drop it until now. Maybe tonight ill get lucky on raggy and get my headpiece. In that case i can finally switch over to 4 pcs T12.

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