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    60 Fury Warrior Rotation

    I have a level 60 draenei fury warrior. What should my rotation be at this level? Also, what should my stats be at?

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    Bloodthirst, something, Bloodthirst, something else. Somethings = RB/slam depending on what's available. As for stats, get as much STR as possible, also +hit and +exp will be very powerful until youre capped for specials (8%/26). Are you leveling or capped at 60 for classic raiding?

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    I'm leveling. And one more thing, Haha. What should my DPS be at for lvl 60?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daranoar View Post
    I'm leveling. And one more thing, Haha. What should my DPS be at for lvl 60?
    depends on your gear, probably around 800-1k

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    I'm leveling a fury warrior atm, too. As a rotation I do also whirlwind and cleave when there's a need of a lot of aoe. I'm curently lvl 65 and I'm around 1k dps.

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    Your DPS is pretty much irrelevant - at 60, you're going to be gaining levels relatively quickly, and you're going to be replacing gear each level (or 2). Trying to maintain any sort of 'optimum setup' while leveling just isn't viable (or necessary / worthwhile / logical); you're best bet is to just pick up pieces of gear that have Strength, and are somewhat itemised towards our usual stat priorities.

    Aside from a select few quests, damage is relatively unimportant during questing and you can power on right through to 85 without really worrying too much about stats and gear. Obviously avoid wearing mail / leather and that sort of thing, and don't pick up Agi gear if you can help it.

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