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    macro enhancement (unleash/ flame shock)

    i m new to enh, (was resto/ele before) and apparently i don t use the correct priority. the class master of my guild told me : use unleash element and then flame shock.
    i m really bad with macro and i m looking for a macro which make me cast unleash element and then Flame shock.
    cannot find anything on google about that.
    if you have any idea pls let me know.

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    I would suggest you don't use a macro for that. In an AoE situation you wanna put Flame Shock on your target and then use Unleashed Elements to boost your Fire Nova.
    Personally I have the shocks on one key since they share the cd, with a shift modifier to separate them, and UE on another.
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    thank you for the advice. i m new to enh so every advice is good to take. i forgot to mention that i m not raiding as enh(not fireland at least) so it s more to discover the spe.
    last question : with same gear (pre raid fireland(uilvl 360/365) who will push more dps , enh or ele ?
    same question with end game gear ?

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    I'd say play whichever is the most fun. Potential DPS means nothing if you don't play both specs to perfection.

    edit: and have the gear to support it.
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    i asked cause it s always nice to be able to push lot of dps in random HC , rather than staying blocked at 12/13k. and i love shammy .ele is cool, enh is funny to play and resto is my main spe. i which we could have 3 playable spe

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    Don't macro it, because in a rotation your unleash elements and flame shocks won't always line up properly, then you're macro will be useless. So leave them on your bars and learn the rotation as normal.

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    ok. thanks a lot for the advices

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    /castsequence reset=6 Unleash Elements, Flame Shock
    /cast [modifier:<your choice>] Flame Shock

    Unleashes and then if you press the button again while you still have the unleash flame buff, shocks.
    If you want to use the Flame Shock regardless of unleash, press it with a modifier (alt ctrl shift) you put in there.

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