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    Elemental set bonuses

    Hi there!

    I have a very simple and quick question (which I couldn't find the answer to in recent threads).

    Currently I have 2pT12 (Chest, Gloves) and 2pT11 (Shoulders, Legs).
    Should I switch the T11 pieces for 378 items (that won't grant me 4pT12), or stick with both bonuses until I can get the shoulders off of Fandral?


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    Sim it to be sure. The 2pT11 for Elemental isn't all that good though, so I would be leaning towards the 378 pieces, assuming better itemisation etc.

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    simcraft it all to be sure, but, if you are 1 of those rare elementals that get Dark intent be noticed that the 5% crit to FS on T11 2p aswell affect the dot compartment, making it so that the warlock who casts it on you get more ticks. Then again i been lucky got my 4 piece already
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    The pure intellect upgrade from 359 to 378 would probably outweigh the 2 part tier 11 alone, this is just an assumption anyway.

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    Are you using the regular or heroic versions of the old set?

    If 359 then it's almost certain that the 378 upgrade will more than compensate for the set bonus loss.

    If you're using 372 then they upgrade will probably not compensate.

    If one of each then I have no idea and you should find a working sim (you should probably find a working sim anyways).

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    Thanks for the replies folks.

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