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    I always see it half full.

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    Depends on how obvious the situation is. If you are always optimistic, or always pessimistic, you are deluded. Period. There are times when you must be optimistic, and times when you must be pessimistic. But the most notorious of them all is blind optimism. "Yay, the world is ending, but look at the bright side...".

    A pessimist will be more likely to end satisfied by the way. And optimist will get disappointed if his hopes fail.
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    Completely empty, I drank it.

    Pessimist, anyways, I think there was another thread on this before, /shrug.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Remilia View Post
    Completely empty, I drank it.

    Pessimist, anyways, I think there was another thread on this before, /shrug.
    Yeh, it was mine from a while ago :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lysah View Post
    Depends on what you're doing.

    If you're in the process of pouring into it, you say it's only half full. If you're draining it, i.e. drinking, you say it's half empty. The direction of the water flow determines the usage.
    That was a brilliant reply.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lysah View Post
    Okay...I'll give it a shot...

    "Oh, great, my wife left another glass of water lying out on the table."
    I always leave glasses around >< But I always come back to them and finish so it's not so bad right

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    Half empty, if it were something tasty.

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    I'll likely say half empty.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arlee View Post
    I always leave glasses around >< But I always come back to them and finish so it's not so bad right
    * Gasp *

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    half empty, if you always expect the worst to happen, then you're pleasantly surprised if it doesn't or if it does, you're not surprised at all. Optimists are just setting themselves up for disappointment is something doesn't meet their standards.
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    If you always expect the worst to happen, you're more likely to not even care what happens.

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    What's in that glass if it's vodka then it's clearly half empty

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    It's impossible for something to be half-empty. Empty means nothing is there, if there is something in the glass, something is there, so it is half full. You can't have something that is not half-nothing, can you?
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    I'm pretty sure its Half Full. The guy above me sort of already explained it.

    If 100% is filled to the rim (full) then what we have here is 50% (half full). It can't be half empty because empty is 0% and 50% isn't half of 0%, so it's clearly not half empty, it can only be half full.

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    I think it has more to do with the general way it's said in your language that with personal disposition, in my language (Portuguese) usually we say it's almost full so thats what I say.

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    I'm a true pessimist. I don't see half empty, I see a glass that's gonna need cleaned soon.
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    See, I have a problem with this question, considering I always factor in "did they just fill it (albeit, to the halfway point), or were they already drinking it?" If they filled it to half way, then it's half full, if they drank half of it, then it's half empty. Otherwise, I've never actually had to say it before, only when faced with the question itself, then I'd scurry for a response. Naturally, I'm just like, "oh, yeah, there's still drink in it."

    Perhaps this little rant shows doubt, thus a pessimist. Hmph.

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    Neither. The glass is twice as big as it needs to be.

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    Whatever one benefits me most in the end

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