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    Orange Juice: Pulp or no pulp?

    Very simple, when choosing orange juice, which is the favorite? With or without pulp?

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    Herald of the Titans Harry Botter's Avatar
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    Pulp, pulp, pulp and more pulp.

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    Without, for sure. I hate to have "chunks" in my liquids. Soup does not count, as chicken noodle soup is delicious.

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    Bloodsail Admiral Scrabblet's Avatar
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    No pulp. I know pulp is healthier, it's just so disgusting. It makes me think there's a hair or something in it.

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    Pandaren Monk Willeonge's Avatar
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    I prefer with pulp, but I am VERY lazy, so Ill leave the glass sitting on my desk and the pulp will cake on, so I go without pulp.
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    Love me some Orange Juice with pulp. Can't drink the smooth stuff.
    Don't know why, though my Girlfriend hates it :/

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    No pulp.
    I cook with orange juice as well as drink it and the pulp doesn't lend itself well to that usage.

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    Pulp makes it so much better.

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    With Pulp for me, tastes better i feel.

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    Where's the option for I don't care? :P
    Death would be a welcome embrace.

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    I prefer very little if any pulp at all, but I've heard the pulp is where most of the nutritional benefit comes from

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    WTB a both option. I don't mind either

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    Dreadlord Cptmyname's Avatar
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    When I drink things I don't want to taste chunky things in my mouth.

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    No pulp, I can't stand the stuff.

    Then again, I don't like oranges in general.

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    Quote Originally Posted by farscape View Post
    Pulp is gross. Why would anyone want chunks of stuff in a beverage?
    Exactly... though I am not a very big fan of orange juice anyways because it really doesn't taste like eating an orange at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arlee View Post
    Exactly... though I am not a very big fan of orange juice anyways because it really doesn't taste like eating an orange at all.
    If you make it yourself it tastes better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearshield View Post
    If you make it yourself it tastes better.
    That is very true

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    Stood in the Fire Atrosity's Avatar
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    PULP! If I can't eat that bitch with a fork, it's not thick enough.
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    fresh squeezed then thru a strainer... hate pulp, but also hate commercial O.J.

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    both are excellent. orange juice feels more like juice, orange pulp makes it feel more like I'm eating an actual orange in liquidized form. (hey, that didn't get a red underline! liquidized is my new word of the day)

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