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    if you could have one spell IRL...

    so if you could have one spell from WoW to be used in the real world, what would it be? and why?
    exclude any direct heal spell and any kind of bubble, also talents can be applied if you so wish

    for myself i would love to have Cleanse because i could use it for a good cause and i could also make a lot of profit off of it. (of course i would only be charging the rich)

    but im sure there will be a downside to this as there will be an extremely high demand for it
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    definitely /Cast Hearthstone

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    Mindcontrol. Oh wait - Already have that one.

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    Reincarnation, but only if I could glyph for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by taurenburger View Post
    You beat me there.

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    Portal spell, i could make a fortune and go anywhere i like.

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    drain soul HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-ha

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    spirit healer
    Portal for sure.

    runner up: conjure refreshments. 20cakes for 10$, anyone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sarad View Post
    Portal for sure.

    runner up: conjure refreshments. 20cakes for 10$, anyone?
    but then you find out that mana cakes taste awful! no one buys them, and you swiftly go out of business!

    I'd probably go with hearthstone, that's just universal right there.

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    I wouldn't find hearth all that useful since I drive everywhere.

    Probably Cleanse like OP. Or Arcane Intellect.

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    Drain life, provided it can heal me from various diseases and also make me younger instead of just physical injuries:P

    If it can't, guardian angel. The spell that prevents you from dying every 3 minute or so.
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    vanish probably.

    or if i wanted to be a show off: avenging wrath or army of the dead

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    Flight Form

    Its a spell!

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    Stealth, so much possibility.
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    Shadowform hands down. imagine how interesting your conversations would be if you just popped into a shadow smoky state for no reason.

    either that or smite so you could run around saying "i'll smite you b**ches!!!"

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    How about some arcane intellect, until I finish college. Then Portals or the vial of sands drake thing.
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    sentry totem.......
    it could actually be usefull irl

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    Transmute Iron to gold

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