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    I love Oatmeal! No, not the food.

    Well...yah, the food too. But this isn't about food! This is to share the brilliance of the Oatmeal comic!

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    I like the color Oatmeal.

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    LOL. Epic comic.

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    Haha enjoyed it, will bookmark... welcome to your new home with dark legacy and lfg :P

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    Oatmeal?! Are you crazy?

    No I'm just kidding, that was funny.

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    Pretty accurate and absolutely hilarious.

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    I love his comics. The minor differences and bob cats series are hysterical.
    That fabric softener teddy bear...oooh I'm 'a hunt that little bitch down.

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    ROFL!!!! That comic is awesome, and soooooooo true.

    I stopped reading Oatmeal. Their early stuff was good but then it started to go downhill in a hurry. Glad to see they still make some good comics.

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    Oh thank god, I thought I was the only one who liked his comics.
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    That was great, thank you for sharing.

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    well it's got no cinnamon or apples in it, but it's still pretty awesome.

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    A former guildie introduced me to the Oatmeal awhile back. The guy does some funny stuff.

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