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    Rate the name above you.

    It's fun!10char

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    Weirdo name, tbh. I'll give you a 3,5/10.

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    Cats ARE cute.
    7/10 for approval of cats.

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    Great and powerful. 6/10 for my utter hate of ponies.
    My Tumblr. (:
    My warlock.
    My Paladin.
    My Lolking
    Lel I bought my spectral tiger from the horde auction house at 9 in the morning for the sweet sweet price of 1c.

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    Stood in the Fire
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    Jan 2011
    right here
    never been to Rome, but I assume I'd "do as the Romans do..." so 7.5/10
    22 miles of hard road
    33 years of tough luck
    44 skulls buried in the ground
    Crawling down through the muck
    Ah yeah...

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