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    Only one name is funny for me: UseenBolt

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    Still always think of OprahWindfury for the black female Tauren from Vanilla as being clever. Now it's a bit overused and not so great...

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    <----- Watering You (I main as a Tauren Resto)

    Incidentally a Yew tree is a symbol of immortality, I thought it fit due to reincarnation.
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    Had a former guildie whose shaman name was smetot. Thats totems backwards for anybody who didn't notice. While simple enough, it's got a nice ring to it.

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    it would probably be...Scrototem

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    My shaman in called 'Cupquake'.

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    Resto shammy "Shambulance"

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    I'm from Belgium.

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    My shamans are called Mjolnrir and krolmir. Mjolnir I recently found out is the hammer of thor so it mjolnrir kinda suits the class as I would always put thor as a shaman if any class.
    Finding this out, I decided to use another hammer as a name so krolmir being the hammer of hodir seemed like a good choice.

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    Mnightshaman, though not many people get it.
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    my shamans name is totemdile. reference to the pokemon totodile.

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    My shaman is called Orbital.

    His theme is Halcyon and on and on.

    Oh and yeah, there's lightning shield.
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    I named by sham Khargos and Cosmus (after transfer) and i really like those names

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    I think Enaina is pretty decent for a female, elemental or resto shaman

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    My Shaman's name is Elhaym, but I prefer to go by Elly. (It's from the game Xenogears, which is one of my favorite.) Elly sounds like Ele, and I'm an Ele Shaman. Just seems to make sense to me, though only total video game nerds would ever get the play on words.

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    If there is one thing to be learned from this thread is that most Shaman players have a 12-year-old sense of humor. xD
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    I have an even better name than that, it is Vanhealsing, I got it from this list at

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    hornybum is my shamans name

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