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    Where everything is bitter. Especially me.
    One I used to use is Akashic
    As in Akashic Record.
    I'm not very original.
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    *bro fist*
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    shambulance, i've seen before, resto specc'd.
    An apt name for right know would be nerfed.
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    How about "totemchanning" ?

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    My shams name is lavaly cos shes so lovely till she smacks you cross the face with a lavalash
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    From the band, it means Wolves, in Norwegian.

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    my old name for my shaman was firefly and people thought that was pretty good heh, but as far as i have seen.

    budbigtotem was pretty good haha.

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    Ohleemar. I have two of them. Word.

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    Acherus is my home.

    Made me laugh. :P
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    Totemtwat. Was a level 29 twink back in
    tBC I'd run into on my first paladin I leveled.

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    I came across the name "Earthmaiden" It was a dwarf Female shaman. This IMO is pure win

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    I like my Dwarf shaman name, who is Resto/Elemental: Shocktherapy
    :P (Zapp! Feel better? More Zapps. Good lets get some ale)

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    My Shaman is named Thundapantz

    Thought it was pretty funny when I made it

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    my shammy is named Stormcloud ^^

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    My elemental shaman is called Raichu ^_-

    (you know, like the electric pokemon)

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    I like my shaman's name the best, dwarf shaman named Beershock

    Edit: Though I really like Oprawindfury as well LOL

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    Mine's Sparker and i like it :P

  20. #520 for a Pandaren Shaman

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