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    Powers based on Elements

    If you could have super powers based off an element (fire, lightning, earth, water/ice, wind) what one would you pick?

    I am thinking wind, cause you would be able to fly, but thats about it with wind :/

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    I guess I would probably depend on how the super power worked. It's a neat idea though.

    Initially, I thought I would go with Water. It's a very common element and would be fun to be able to manipulate it in it's different forms of vapor, water, and ice. Also, if you could then stand on water or breathe underwater those would be equally as awesome.

    Then, I read about you mentioning that flight came with wind. That would definitely be pretty cool. Wind (or air?) is obviously a common element as well so would be neat to be able to manipulate.

    So then I started thinking about the other elements. What could I do with them?

    With Lightning is that the power of electricity? If so, does that mean I can travel through the electric lines at the speed of electricity? If so, that would be pretty badass.

    With Fire, you would need to be careful not to burn anyone. Does having control of this element if you burn immunity though? That could be kind of neat. Could you produce or suppress any fires you see? Could be a neat element I'm sure.

    Finally, Earth. Obviously a common element. I'm not sure how it could be used to be useful. Hmmm...

    All in all, I think given the choice, I would end up going with water. Thanks for the fun questions.

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    Water. Id be like a magikarp and splash people. But it would be as powerful as hyperbeam.

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    Lightning. I wanna be Cole McGrath

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