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    My idea of what a Worgen mount could be.Photoshop time.

    After Blizzard gave a preview of what the Worgen mounts are going to be,it felt pretty boring to give them basic horse mounts.So I decided to play around
    with photoshop and come up with a idea of what i would like to see for a Worgen mount.

    I decide to copy elements in this picture from the Gilneas horse carriage which would be a cool Worgen multi person mount by the way.

    After taking pieces of the carriage and making them into something a bit smaller,I now present,the Gilneas horse chariot.
    "Chaos boils in my veins."

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    Edit: I didn't read it properly.

    I like it. Nice job ^_^

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    Cute idea, much better than "here's your smaller scaled horses!"

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    I still want this:
    WoW characters that need/deserve to get killed/punished/otherwise removed from the story: Tirion*, Thrall, Malfurion, Wrathion, Sylvanas, Jaina

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