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    List of failed WoW killers

    I'm having a debate with a friend who is convinced that Star wars is going to break WoW "finally." What I'm looking for is help building a complete list of games that were hyped up or expected to kill WoW.


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    they have not failed i would say wow loosing subs = win.. plus they are gaining subs still wow is not.

    anyway age will kill wow. Everything else not just games puts a dent in wow.

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    Warhammer, Age of Conan, Aion, Rift...

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    WAR, AoC, and Aion are the three big ones that come to mind. I think at this point most sane people realize the only people that can kill WoW is Blizzard, and only that by shutting off the servers. I mean heck, if EQ is still kicking and it's both older and was less popular at it's prime, I don't see WoW dying.
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    Please, no more threads even mentioning "wow killer", "wow killing" ect.

    It's getting really old and is a "discussion" that leads nowhere.

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    This message short blabalabn

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    in soviet Russia wow kills itself... oh wait...
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    I wish this phrase WoW killed was never made, ugh. Same with REAL gamers. (hateHATEhatehateHATEHATEhatehatehate)

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    Come on with this shit.

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    they have not failed i would say wow loosing subs = winning on there part.. plus they are gaining subs still wow is not.

    anyway age will kill wow. Everything else not just games puts a dent in wow.

    Starwars probably has the most potential as the fanbase is massive its not just people who play mmo's who will be interested like rift, aion its people who read the books, watch the movies and stuff as well. I would be very shocked if starwars didn't get at least 6million subs within the first year or 2. It wont overtake wow on subs for sometime if at all.

    A game having more subs than another does not mean the game is better a game can have 10 subs only and be a better game.

    Your logic of more subs = winning is failed logic
    loosing subs = failing gaining subs = more interest
    game content/play are what makes the game not how many subs it has.

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    OT : Every video game from A-Z .... WoW is immortal

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    Dont get me wrong i love wow and all. But with how big of a series Star Wars was, and how much effort they have put into the game. It couldnt definately put a big dent into wow. Now, we all know wow will never die. There will still be all those fanboys playing. Blizzard is just trying to stay on top til Titan comes out. Which probably wont happen for like 6 years.

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    Putting Swtor on your list is just dumb, its not even out yet - get over the hate already and ignore the game if its not for you.

    But all in all, neither of these games were designed to take wow - its the players who thought they would or wanted them too, Rift is still doing pretty good and is releasing content in a steady paste, much faster then wow is atm, but killing wow is not something you can do, it has to die out like a fading flame, WoW was and is still a good game - all it has aganist it, is that its old - the genre is in need of some new blood, nothing lasts forever.

    Will Swtor be that new blood ? maybe, it looks good so far and has a solid brand and a well known developer behind it, so it might turn out good. Will it "Kill" WoW ? - No, WoW may loose some players too it, but WoW will still be around untill blizzard pulls the plug, you wont see WoW get deserted from one day to another, wont happen. But at this point, I dont think that WoW is getting any completely new players.

    Also, there are room for more games of the same genre, just because its an MMO, is not the same as saying that its made to do a mob hit on WoW.

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    IMO Rift was the funniest just because so many people claimed it was going to kill wow and when it was released it was such a colosal failure

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    KOTOR3 (A.K.A. SWTOR) won't kill WOW.

    3 raids (or operations or wtf) of which only 1 is ready in a raid or die (oops sry, operation or die) game ... lol.

    WOW could pulled that with Molten Bore but now it's 2011. If anything that can compete with WOW it's Guild Wars 2. Their unorthodox class system (killing off trinity) can be interesting. WOW should have pulled that. I blame Ghostcrawler and Kalgan who left WOW for Titan.

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    no one game will kill another this thread is fail.

    Seems like rift took some subs so did aion, sure TOR will take some more.

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    This is pointless. Most MMOs are way too over hyped in regards to the whole "WoW killer" thing. The thing is is that yeah a lot of the MMOs who came out that were supposed to be the WoW killer failed in doing so, but most of the failed WoW killers are still running to this day that means that enough people didn't just flock back to WoW or maybe they weren't in WoW to begin with who knows. I will tell you this though, one of WoW's greatest assets has always been new players, people do leave WoW to never return or at least it takes them quite awhile to come back, but a group of new players comes in to take these people's place and most of the time these new people far outweigh the group that left the game so in the end it comes out as a gain for WoW. Right now though WoW has seen two quarters in 2011 as losses, meaning that more people have left than came in, we'll have to see how the other quarters go for WoW.

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    These posts are getting as annoying as the people claiming WoW is dieing.

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    first off no game will kill wow. The only thing will kill wow is blizzard, and I am pretty sure when their new cash cow goes live, wow will be thrown very much in the gutter.

    second this wow killer wow killed bullshit needs to stop. people play a game because they want too, not because 50 billion fucking people play it.

    also, wow didnt start out with 11million subs, it took them years to even reach 3 million then 7 years to reach the 11 million mark (losing subs late but thats another topic). so this crap about if a new mmo doesnt reach 11 million in its first few months its fail crap, is getting old.

    please use the search function because there are 100s of these threads already.

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