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    I am little nabgnome

    I am Littlenabgnome.
    I was just playing random bg.
    In that bg there was multiboxer with 4 epic dks and holy paladin.
    Needless to say i was 1 shoted even with 4.1k res.
    I have no elite skill or gear.Because i am NAB.
    I felt really bad that i wasn't able to heal anyone in that bg.
    Can someone please tell me what should i do next time i meet some multiboxer?
    I don't think that you can cc DKs for long ....
    But i don't know much about this game.

    Feel free to insult me and flame me until you feel really good and warm inside.
    Actually i am going to flame myself.

    I am fat,retarded ignorant,mind nimbling idiot.
    I have 350 pounds.
    I am virgin and i will never get laid.
    I am white and nerdy to the bone.
    I am poor.
    I will in filthy basement.
    I am ugly inside and out.
    I don't know how to speak English.
    I am condescending arrogant d-bag.

    And even after all that i still love and respect all human beings on this planet.

    p.s.I will for only one thing.A skill to build a dream on.

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    I think someone had a little much to drink on an off-night and thought posting the above "just felt right"...
    Quote Originally Posted by Furkel View Post
    There's always, ALWAYS a "huge uproar" about anything Blizz does, usually from people who either don't entirely understand the thing they're complaining about, or refuse to acknowledge that most players are perfectly okay with the current state of affairs. Whenever people complain that they don't listen to feedback it mostly means "they don't listen to ME ME ME".
    My new signature. Thanks.

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