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    Only had eaten microwavebags in my early youth so didn't really care for popcorns, until I found a function on my spousal unit that prepares them on pan and melts butter + sprinkles seasalt on toppa them.

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    I only eat it /popcorn way. Popcorn sucks

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    Don't like the popcorn you make in a pan. Like the high quality microwave popcorn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trops View Post
    Step 1: Bag
    Step 2: Microwave
    Step 3: Bowl (optional)
    Step 4: Eat

    Those are my four steps to succesful popcorn eating.
    Exactly this one,.

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    I once ate popcorn with salt...never again. I'l stick witrh popcorn with sugar.

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    I use a pan, put some oil so the popcorn doesn't burn. then separate in 2 bowls, prepare an chocolate or caramel for the popcorn. use one bowl for the caramel/chocolate popcorn, and the other one for the normal popcorn (with salt and pepper)

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    I put it back in the cabinet and bring out a bag of potato chips, dill flavoured, with dip made from sour cream and onion flavour mix

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    I went back to doing pops on the stove since it tastes so much better, never micropops again =)
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    Like once a year, I crave for popcorn.
    I can't make the microwave ones, because they burn up without a spinning plate

    It's not too much effort to make it in the pot, and it gives a much better plopping sound

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    Salt and pepper on popcorn?

    Doesn't it usually go with sugar?
    It's the internet. You never know if people are either sarcastic or just bad.

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