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    Vanilla Accounts?


    Just wondered if anyone know if its still possible to own a Vanilla account? Blizzards online store only sells Vanilla + TBC together, my brother got the battlechest (Vanilla + TBC) because he saw it had both Vanilla and TBC on seperate CDs both with separate CD Keys suggesting that you can install WoW using your WoW CD key and then you have the option to upgrade your account to TBC using TBC CD key.
    Anyway it didnt work like that, he used the Vanilla CD and CD key and it began to install TBC, and when he tried to register the Vanilla WoW CD key on Battlenet the it created an account for TBC, there was something on Battlenet about TBC and Vanilla pretty much being baked into each other but we arent sure if that means for the Battlechest or just World of Warcraft in General, meaning no more Vanilla WoW accounts?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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    All accounts come with BC now.

    However, if you want to stop at 60, you can visit one of the experience eliminator NPCs in Stormwind or Orgrimmar to disable experience gains.

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    I guess every account is updated from Vanilla into TBC. Just my opinion. Don't know really.

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    Yep, every account that was vanilla has been upgraded to TBC as far as I know.

    Like Seabeastrivin said, you can stop your experience gains any time you like by visiting that NPC.
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    Yea they made tbc baseline. If you want him to level cap at 60 for a vanilla guild then you have to go to Either "Behsten" or "Slahtz" in SW and Org respectively. They are stealthed so when you go into the room you have to look a little harder. Behsten is located in the War Room, behind Varian Wrynn's throne. Slahtz can be found in the Valley of Honor inside the Hall of the Brave
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    Yes it is. In fact, the next expansion is going to be called "Mists of Metzen" and is just going to be various mobs with his face stuck on them.

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