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    Suddenly, 15 minutes to live!

    It's all over in 15 minutes. You have just been informed by an e-mail from your doctor; Looks like that super tumour is finally deciding it's time to become an annoyance.

    Now what?

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    Last fap before drawing the final breath.

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    I don't have a doctor, so email would go straight to a spam folder.
    If I did had a doctor, I'd be surprised and all that, but, well, 15 minutes isn't all that much. So I'd probably write some last will and mention that I would prefer to be cremated. And then I'd run out of time and die.
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    I always get nostalgic feels from listening to the elywnn music. I could hear the crickets and the moon was out, just running through elwynn down to goldshire. So beautiful. I was checking out the tavern, loved the music. Then a night elf asked me to suck his cock for 15s.

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    Write my will and a long letter expressing my opinion about everything, who I like, dislike, whats wrong with the world, what should be done, what shows were great, which weren't, share my wisdom, tell the people I care about that I care about them, my thoughts about existence, the meaning of things etc.

    Basically I would make it my legacy, so people can remember me by it, also I'd include my passwords and usernames to all my accounts, so that they can (for the first time) see what I was up to all the time I spend behind a pc.

    Thinking about it...I'd call it:

    title: "My Legacy"
    subtitle: "<insert my name>, uncensored!"

    Hope I'd finish it in time
    And if I had time left, I'd spend it with someone I care about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Celltrex View Post
    Last fap before drawing the final breath.
    This. I don't really do that but i'm sure it could be the only thing I could do thats enjoyable that doesnt take time to prepare.

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    I would take the biggest loan i could.
    -Papies klaine mono mia fora...

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    Cheer and wait.

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    Not much, no booze in the house at the moment and i doubt i could enjoy a fap knowing i will snuff it in 15 mins. maybe just write a letter thanking the ones i love and cursing my enemies.

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    I'd likely do a little "pbbtharharhar" laugh as I first began to read it... Then my face will start to melt with fear. Cry a little, eventually shrug it off, and around that time I will probably be dead.

    Fuuuuuu. At least I slightly got to acceptance, right?

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    Write a short will, give a few quick words of encouragement to my loved ones. Then I would close my eyes and meditate. I would calm myself and enter into death without fear and with a sound mind.
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    *Looks outside at window* Damn, no clear sky to see the stars. Oh well, I still would pick my mp3 player and go outside, lay down on grass, play my favourite music and look at the dark sky while I think about my life. Then at the last few seconds I realise I forgot to delete embarrassing stuff from my computer. Whole neighbourhood will then hear my epic last roar: "NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooouu............"

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    I would force myself to finally break 5 minutes in the mile. I've been meaning to do that for 4 years and while I've gotten close, I've never quite reached it.
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    There are no 2 species that are 100% identical.
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    can you leftist twits just fucking admit that quantum mechanics has fuck all to do with thermodynamics, that shit is just a pose?

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    Mad dash to delete any porn thats on my various devices. Break my hard drive. Cry in a corner.

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    Schlick / Fap (whatever you want to call it for girls)... then... meh.

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    Eat as much as possible. Ya know then wake up the family and be all "Hey, I'm dying." to see how they react.

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    Go outside and start a HUGE scene

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    Quote Originally Posted by Remilia View Post
    Schlick / Fap (whatever you want to call it for girls)... then... meh.
    beating the cat?

    I'd tell everyone I know what I truly think of them.

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    Provided I'd believe that e-mail (a phone call would be more convincing:P) dedicate the 15m to get 15m more time and so on. First call 911. Since I'm perfectly healthy now, the tumor can't be that super. They might cut it out in time or it might not even become a problem in 15m at all so I might have more time. No doctor can tell the future.
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    DANCE! all of my awful responsibilities suddenly have no value! 14 minutes of dancing, one minute of sighing and feeling kind of depressed, then keeling over.

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