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    WoW Machinima for a Song

    Does anyone here mess around with doing WoW Machinima? We are looking for a talented individual who could help make a machinima style "music video" for a song that a friend is finally completing. Please contact me if you are able to do something like this and I will let you hear the song so you can come up with ideas. Really want this to be a great video to post on youtube - all video credits go to you and you we will plug you if you have your own youtube channel.

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    Hi there,
    i've been making machinima for some time but quited doing it kinda.
    But i'd help if needed. But there's a problem tho i can barley record goot footage anymore since i moved with kinda bad internet.
    i would like to edit but the recording could be harder tho.

    if you want more information or so about me you can PM' me
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    Do you have any samples of your work online anywhere?

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