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    Good to see theres still a small part of our community left here that is decent,

    + internet for using a creative method to collect data Im impressed really. I wouldnt of thought to come on my local fourm and ask tbh

    Also you better start posting more now
    Quote Originally Posted by XangXu View Post
    In major universaties they do not allow students to use the internet for research... for OBVIOUS reasons that you can't see apparently

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    I <3 survey research.

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    There ya go buddy now remember if you fail imma get ya!
    Farewell WoW Pandaland
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrambledegg View Post
    did it. I hope my computers not infected now!
    I was hoping that using Google's URL shortener (which has built-in malware detection) would help allay peoples' fears that I was somehow trying to slip spyware onto their computers.

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    That was a piss easy survey, everyone do it
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    Nop I haven't ... France always managed to win the wars ...

    Edit: well, you know, kinda.

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    Well that made me feel good about myself =D
    Pallys FTW

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    Done. Good luck to you.
    Milk was a bad choice.

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    Done! Good luck with that. I know how much surveys sucks to conduct, so I did yours out of gratitude towards the people who did mine a few months ago

    But yeah I found out I'm a monster. I feel so bad about that stranger on the bus for some reason

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    Good luck mate!

    p.s. I am awful, wouldn't pick the bottle up, I'd hold the cash for myself, and I'd tell the adjacent stranger to mind his own business! :P

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    Done! Always a bonus being presented with the opportunity to help someone while just sitting around the computer.

    Do post results!

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    Good luck.
    and that was easy.

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    All filled out.

    Best of luck.

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    Done. I will have to remember this in case I ever need to make a survey, provided the site is still around.
    Quote Originally Posted by Henry Ford
    Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably why few engage in it.
    This explains a lot.

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    There you go, I hope you're getting enough input :-)
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    Done! Glad to help. I'm interested as to what the results of this will look like.

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    Filled out. Best of luck in college!

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    Done. Good luck bro.
    Quote Originally Posted by Leapers View Post
    I have a membership with a gym that I pay $30 a month... and I don't ever see people go up to the trainers or workers saying, "Hey! I pay you every month to use your services! I should be as fit and buff as the guy over there who works out for hours every week!"

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    Finished and learned that I am a heartless bastard in the process.

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    Done, my replies will really make me seem like an asshole but it's the truth.

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