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    Looking for some help with reforging on my gear, Shadow Priest 9 0 32

    I know My gear is for crap atm, I'm just trying to squeeze out the most to improve on my dps. Gear swap and some better looks on my reforging. any help would be GREAT at this point i'm grateful for the first look at this post.

    earthen-ring Gleamer US server
    Sorry have not posted enough to put a link here

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    How you reforge will be based on the following rules:

    Are you hit capped?
    Yes: Reforge any extra hit/spirit to haste where possible.
    No: Reforge mastery/crit to hit/spirit.

    Does it have haste on it?
    Yes: Go to the next rule.
    No: Reforge mastery/crit to haste, leave hit/spirit as is.

    Reforge crit to mastery if the above has been done.

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    I'm sure my question was on the vague side but thank you for your time and info.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pestillence View Post
    Decent site...but not completely accurate. For example, it lists haste as a higher stat priority than mastery, but then goes on to suggest a +65 mastery glove enchant. It does not factor dark intent or mastery very well. If I changed my glove enchant to +65 mastery, I would drop below 2589 haste(our guild rarely gives DI to shadow priests) and my mastery still wouldn't go up to the next point.Its a good site for people who know their class really well, but you also have to know when MrRobot is wrong.

    Here is the OP's armory since he cant post links

    What I can tell you is that hit isnt as important as haste at your gear levels. If your getting dark intent, make sure to get to 2141 haste, and if your not getting dark intent then your just screwed until you can get to 2589 haste. Those haste levels will give you 2 extra ticks out of Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric touch, and are big DPS increases even if you have to drop some hit/spirit to reach those haste levels. The reason why hit isnt nearly as important at your gear level is that, even if your mind blast misses, it still applies "empowered shadows," which increases damage from periodic spells by 30% when active. So you miss a 30k mind blast, but your VT, SW: P, DP and mind flay all are hitting for 30% more damage while empowered shadows is up. When I was at your gear level, I ran with about 12.5%-14% hit cap and was still at the top of the damage meters almost every fight. Now once you get the gear to reaach the haste levels needed for those 2 extra ticks and can be hit capped, then prioritize hit followed by haste.

    BTW...both your rings suck for shadow. You can buy the band of secret names for only 1250 JP and run Deadmines for the Lavishly jeweled ring until something better comes along and those would be upgrades. But MORE importantly ---your not an arcane mage so craft yourself the belt of the depths instead of the dreamless belt. Keep the dreamless belt around if you play disc as an OS though.
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    I'm running your character through simcraft, I'll post your stat weights and suggestions in ~10-20 mins.

    edit-- I'm doing the simulation with all buffs, except Dark Intent (lock buff). Do you get it reliably?

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    Ok, with all buffs except DI (food, flask, raid buffs) and a 500 second fight (20% variation), 1000 iterations :

    Spirit - 1.3285 (to cap)
    Mastery - 1.3149
    Haste - 1.2608
    Crit - 1.2371

    Inputting that into Ask mr robot optimizer:


    1) Hit cap yourself through spirit, since that's your best stat weight at your gear level
    2) Convert the rest to Mastery where you can

    Get rid of that Int/Crit gem!
    Int/Mastery and Int/Haste for Yellow
    Int for Red
    Int/Spi for Blue

    You should always reforge into spirit for more hit b/c you are human. You get an extra 3% rating that way, which isn't a lot but worth doing regardless. On a piece with spirit/crit, you can then reforge the crit -> hit for even more hit rating on that item. =)

    If you want it redone with DI, I can do it. Let me know!
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    I disagree with Themos about reforging for hit at your gear levels. Its more important to have 2 extra ticks from VT and SW: P and have empowered shadows up as much as possible than it is to hit every spell. So what if you miss a mind blast...what do you lose, 30K right there with a long cooldown on it when your 4 DOTs are now ticking for 30% more damage. Worry about haste before hit capping yourself, and when you get better gear get hit capped. I dont think simcraft calculates that empowered shadows is applied even if your mind blast misses, so the results may not be accurate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeatM1ser View Post
    I dont think simcraft calculates that empowered shadows is applied even if your mind blast misses, so the results may not be accurate.
    Well considering that it was just recently realized that Simcraft was applying ES regardless if there was an orb up or not when MB was cast that this is possible... do you have any data showing this? I know if this is the case a lot of people who are interested in SimC would like to know about it.

    Also Themos, 1000 iterations really isn't enough to get accurate dependable stat weights. Also did you do Patchwork or Helterskelter? Weights can very hugely between the two and neither one used alone is really an accurate measure because none of the fight follow either model very accurately.

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    Yep, I'm on my laptop at work and did a quick and dirty for him. I did Patchwerk style and set the player skill to Elite.
    Definitely worth doing with more iterations as well as different boss fight styles.

    @OP -- I'd suggest you learn how to work with Simcraft and how to input the stat weights into a gear optimizer, as your weights will change frequently as your gear gets better.

    @HeatM1ser: As far as I'm aware, SWP breakpoint is irrelevant. Mindflay constantly refreshes the duration to its max, and as such linearly scales with haste rating. I think the only time it would matter is in cases of multidotting but in a situation like that you're better off tabbing to the alternate target with a flay instead of a DoT refresh by reapplying SWP.

    VT (and DP) breakpoints are worth getting to if you can, but without guaraneteed DI it's a bit harder in poor gear.

    Overall, Simcraft stat weights and plots are worth the trouble if you care about squeezing out a bit more DPS.

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