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    Fan Theories

    Usually in movies,tv,games,books,etc there are events unexplained and we as an audience are left wondering.
    What events do you have theories about and what is said theories
    My theory is about the dark knights joker, how he got his lovely scars(in comics joker is referred to as jack)
    Jack was a comedian a very poor one at that. He at one show made a joke about a local don. Said don was TICKED. He had him captured and given the grin for punishment. The pain drove him to madness he lost sight of reality and he thinks what he is doing is a game...for fun. He is crazy because of one joke...his killing joke if you will.

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    I have read so many fan theories, many products have vastly improved. the best one for me is:

    1) James Bond is a callsign, not the name of the agent himself. That's why we can have 6 differently looking Bonds across 50 years of history.
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    Well if you have some time to kill you can check out this one about all Pixar films being in the same universe
    I just think it is a lot of easter eggs, but still fun!

    As for others, I'm big fan of Final Fantasy VIII and it has two pretty "big" fan theories, one is that Rinoa is Ultimecia, which I think is a fun theory but still unlikely, then there is the Squall Is Dead theory which I don't think makes much sense at all

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    I think the Reapers are coming.

    Back. (Although they probably aren't)

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    Well if you have some time to kill you can check out this one about all Pixar films being in the same universe
    I just think it is a lot of easter eggs, but still fun!
    wow 0o that's really interesting to read :P

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    -Saruman was going to betray Sauron, he wanted the ring for himself, thats why the Uruks went to Isengard instead of Mordor. He then, later, would have try to invade Valinor. Because of the ring influence.

    -The prophecy said that there was going to be one to balance the force (Anakin) and he actually did! He only made the good force weaker and the dark force stronger for a while to bring up balance.

    -Link from MM is the Master Stalfos from Twilight Princess, he was consum in the forest because he didn´t have a fairy (only kokari children can wonder the forest) Also, Link from Twilight Princess is kind of his son (not biological).

    -In the matrix... well there are a lot of things to speak about but:

    1-The machines won from the beggining and we only see a matrix inside a matrix
    2-Neo is the Jesus Christ of the machines
    3-Machines only want to know what love is
    4-Neo is not a human, he is a program made by the machines
    5- We might be in the matrix

    -In dead space 2, Tideman actually wanted to safe everyone, he only agreed to finance the marker because it was going to save the sprawl. He knew that he was going to get killed sooner or later by the Earthgov, the unitologist or even Isaac himself.

    -In pokemon there was a huge war years ago, thats the reason we see some children without parents and no mid-aged people, there are also a lot of short comments about how a conflict took some love ones.

    MY PERSONAL FAVORITE (Only hardcore fans of band of brothers)

    Actually it kind of says it on the show but... Mr Spears was actually a good guy, he never killed those german prisoners or did most of the things that the rumors said, he only let them spreed like that so people would actually think that he is a cruel guy, though he is a badass, he never killed anyone in cold-blood sytle. The thing is that the first rumor was that he killed one of his soldiers because he was drunk on duty but on the last episodes he was about to kill a drunk american soldier that shoot some other american soldiers but he didn´t, he couldn´t, his hand was shaken and he couldn´t trigger the gun. He was a "good" soldier but not as cruel as everyone else would of have think of him.
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    I love the really convincing fan theories, and Cracked has several articles full of em

    Then there's the idea for My Little Pony of which social disorder belongs to which character.

    And of course, the ever-popular Pokemon theory that Ash is in a coma this whole time.

    If anyone knows of a site similar to CartoonOveranalyzations, I would love to see it. I like reading these things, especially the ones that actually make a lot of sense.

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    There also this one about Totoro which I thought was pretty cool, but again I don't really think there is anything to this theory

    And Spirited Away too

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