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    I'd attach my knife to a stick so I could get coconuts from the tops of tropical coconut trees. Wear my belt since, it's a belt. Then when I have enough coconuts I'd give them to the leader of the crab people. When I gained there trust I will dig a massive hole, carve branches into spikes and stick them in the hole. Cover the hole with leaves and such, then get MORE coconuts, put them on the leaves. Lead the crab people to my offering of coconuts, they fall in. I have an all I can eat buffet. Profit.

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    Bribe the elder with enough coconuts to surrender their less desirable members of the crab people. To be cooked, of course

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    I would gain their trust, then I would slowly go up in their hierarchy and end up becoming their leader, then I would slowly build up a crab empire and steal/take islands, soon I would have so many I crabs I would go take up Australia, then Japan the US and Europe then the rest of the world! MWAHAHHAHAHHAHAHa
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    Steal their weapons while they sleep and kill them all with them.

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    Turn it on peaceful so that they don't spawn and make a house from stacks of wood and cobblestone.

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    Wait for nine other people to become stranded on the island and form a raid group. Proceed to wipe for three hours straight against the easiest crab raid boss because I'm in a PUG. Ragequit.

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    I'd punch a tree until I get wood. Then I make planks out of it. Then I make sticks out of planks. Then I make wooden shovel and pickaxe. Then I'd dig out a decent-sized cave for myself, make a furnace out of extra stone, burn some wood for charcoal, and make some torches. Then I make a door out of planks. Then I sit out the night and wait for zombies to eat the crab-people.
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    1. I'd use the pocket knife to dig a hole to Davenport, Iowa.

    2. I'd use the lighter to see in the dark while I dig.

    3. I'd use the belt to hold my pants up.

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    I would dress up like one of the Fab-fives and give the crabpeople a makeover to gain their trust. When all of them are meterosexual, they're wifes would finnish the work for me.

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    I'd find a hatch, and blow it open with dynamite.

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    Leave those crabs the hell alone. I hate crabs. Burrr.

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    Ok so first. I would probably get a half decent tan, if it were decent weather, as we all know you need to have a good to tan to pull of something of this caliber. Then i would proceed to strap my feet to the back of some sea turtles with the belt, and use the knife to show my superiority to the sea turtles, who are known for their attempts to rise out of conformity. Finnaly leaving me with a lighter to keep myself amused, ooooo shiny fire, whilst the sea turtles take me to the nearest mainlaind. Geez i thought this would of been rather obvious. <Darkened> Burning Steppes EU Currently Recruiting for Firelands.
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    Lets see....

    I could be stranded there for quite a while, and constantly worrying about crab people doesn't seem fun. I would gain their trust withusing gifts of coconuts. Since they are semi-intelligent, they are easily manipulated. I would show them some "civilization-tricks", use the lighter to create fire, make better shelters, smart ways to get coconuts by using the belt to climb up the palmtree etc, to have them admire me and nestle my way in to the top, striving to become the right hand of their leader. Trying to become leader immidiately would not work, they are not going to just lets some gringo come in and run the show, I need to make them want me. So I become quickly ascend in their ranks to become their leader's right hand. This is most likely impossible to do without gaining a few enemies that suspect me or think I am a filthy outsider. I will deal with them later. Ok so now I have that old fart's trust and will enjoy the benefits of the tribe getting me food etc. At this point I would most likely just chill and enjoy having a position of power of the tribe. If any of them still think I'm a filthy outsider I will use my power to turn them on each other.If they get physical with me I just stab them with the knife.

    Ah yes.... excellent
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    Engage in crab battle for the control of coconuts!

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    Do they sleep in the caves? If so, i'd fill the entrance of the caves with wood and palms while they sleep and ignite it and keep piling until they die from the smoke.
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    kill the crab people, surely if they are able to thrive on that island, so could u.
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    I would use the knife and the lighter to appear as a God for em

    Then i would teach em porn

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    Give him coconuts, get friendly with them. Move in with em, cut their throats while they sleep, bingo fresh meat for long enough to get help from a passing boat or find out how to make a smokesignal.
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