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    I'm really interested in seeing the GENDER breakdown among characters of each role. In other words, what is the male/female ratio for all characters whose primary spec is a tanking spec? Healing spec? DPS spec? I do a LOT of random dungeons, and anecdotally, I'd say the vast majority of the tanks I have run with have been male characters. Healers tend to skew toward female, but not to the same degree. I'm curious if the actual data reflect that.I find it fascinating that in a game where we can be any gender we want, we still bring our real-world biases into the game that say protecting a group is still primarily a male's role.

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    I have three characters at level 85, one of which became level 85 yesterday. Never thought I would level a third character to the maximum level, but I haven't been having that much fun on my main lately (Mage and I wanna be Fire...). I have been having fun on my Death Knight, so I hope that this third character, a Hunter, is going to make up for the lack of fun I have with my Mage. If I make a fourth character, it will be a Rogue, which I have already started leveling.

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    Seriously, are these comics supposed to be funny? Maybe I'm wrong about what they're trying to achive, but they're excruciately dull and has no relevance to the game whatsoever.I miss Heroes of WoW... at least it was funny most of the time.

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    I like how EVERY Sunday EVER is a huge spike.Sunday is apparently THE DAY to hit level 85.

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    I have only 1 lvl 85 character. Hmm as i thing of it its maybe becouse i dont play anymore (wow free for 9 months) and even before i quit i was focusing on getting achievements with one character not leveling new ones.

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    I have 9 lvl 85 chars atm, all on one realm, would have hit the 10 cap ages ago but im currently RaFing and have to delete that last char over and over again to help out my friend lvl his chars

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    I'm quite happy that I got my second level 85 character on the day that the majority of people levelled to 85

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    Loving that 9765 people dinged on Christmas.PS: I love statistics, please post more

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    Apparently people have better things to do than levelling alts on Tuesdays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zombina View Post
    Apparently people have better things to do than levelling alts on Tuesdays.
    Arguing with Trump is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter what you do or say, he will just knock over the pieces, take a shit on the board and strut around like he won the whole damn thing.

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    I levelled two lv80s to 85 back in December, my next character in line was sitting at 72 and I couldn't be bothered to re-do the Northrend content just yet; I also levelled a druid from scratch to see the revamped 1-60 world, but as soon as I hit Outland boredom got the best of me.

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    My DK is nog level 81 and will by my 10th character to be leveled to 85 giving me all classes at 85

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    its time for some new infos about patch 4.3 ^^ gogo blizz

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    I currently have 7 and within a few more days I should have 10, ready for the holiday events. One of each class.

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    3 85's Lock, Pally, Hunter 2 83's warrior, druid. I quit the game about 2 weeks ago. Playing Rift for a month till Dark Souls comes out on the PS3, then SWTOR and BF3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xeddin View Post
    why only about 35k people reach lvl 85 first day, i thought like 10 million people played this game
    Gotta read the entire post :

    Quote Originally Posted by chaud View Post
    This does not include all of the level 85 characters in the US, only a sample of 1.1 million.
    P.S. Now let's see the stats for how many Goblins and Worgen dinged 85 after Cata launch!
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    I would like to see stats on max level professions, how many people maxed them out, and how quickly they did it. I think that would be interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xeddin View Post
    why only about 35k people reach lvl 85 first day, i thought like 10 million people played this game
    Rushing to 85 is not playing the game.
    I wanna go back to my trainer and learn a new spell in the next expansion! And we all need to be able to fly from day 1 ! (And fly over the Exodar and Silvermoon on our own mounts!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zatheyll View Post
    Not everyone plays 8 hours a day. The average casual gamer got to 85 1-2 weeks after. Some people might have leveled a worgen/goblin or another class instead of their main first. Or something else entirely. Some people might have not bought the game the second it came out, or could play it the second it came out. Some people didn't even reboot their subscription until a bit after it came out.
    Those comments always make me feel sad. The game isn't that hard mate.

    10 85 cleared RotZ (same alt guild) and 2 in BiS pre-FL raid.

    1 85 horde side 'cause I wanted to see their questlines.

    Bailed after the AFK Spamming fiasko and 2 reverted ban and perma ban from their forum for having the guts to bring it to light... may get back once they fix that issue... unless they take the same sweet time they did with melee targeting issue... in that case... see ya in SWTOR.

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    I'm currently working on my 12th 85, a mage gnome.

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