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    I really like the ones some guys have that are like hand drawn character info plates made by a child on ms paint.

    And mine ofc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Underskilled View Post
    I didn't mean the artwork, obviously it's going to be unique if it was made by you, but the whole concept of matching names, sigs, and avatars is so overdone
    It depends, sometimes it looks neater depending on the pictures.

    And actually.

    KYM classifies MLP as a subculture, not a meme.

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    I challenge you to not think Luna is adorable!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noomz View Post
    I challenge you to not think Luna is adorable!
    Challenge passed.
    I don't like those ponies, they're everywhere and they've become annoying. And no, I'm not dissing you guys/hating on you. I'm just saying my personal opinion on it :P
    Quote Originally Posted by Ninji
    "lets loose quik" is the only alliance pride I am aware of
    Quote Originally Posted by Josuke View Post
    I'm not one who ignores problems if it's not already obvious to you.
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