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    Epic Quests

    Of course the quests to put thrall back together and watching Alexstrasza fight Deathwing were cool, but I still dont think any quest line in cata live's up to the battle for the undercity quest line. thats still the most epic quest line to me any thoughts?

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    The problem with the Undercity quest was that you could do anything you liked and complete the quest. First time was epic, second time less so.

    An epic quest is more like battling your way up the large Troll ruins in Hinterlands, a task that took me ages when I was first levelling.
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    well yes. but i doubt anyone will forget when they first saw the wrathgate video and how awsome it was

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    I did not like that video. The transition from ingame to out of game was jarring, it had nothing to do with my character, and I had no idea who half of the characters were (did not recognize Putress, or Saurfang the Younger, and I certainly have never seen Bolvar) or felt any attachment to them.

    The quest afterwards was pretty neat, but not overly so.

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    i dont think a lot of people recognised who those guys were, but seeing as i play forsaken charecters, it was pretty cool for me

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    It may not have been as epic but I thought the quest in Vashj'ir where you play a Naga was pretty neat. Also the Quel'Delar Q chain was pretty awesome to.
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    the video was awesome , but the quests afterwards nothing special in my opinion

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    The epic elemental bonds qline!


    The epic troll Qline!


    Rhok'delar Qline, now that was epic.
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    Did you think we had forgotten?

    Yes. My favourite cinematic yet. But then, I'm still re-doing the new 1-60, so there may be more.

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    I doubt they'll top that
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    imo the old darrowshire raid quest(or whatever its called) in eastern plaguelands was pretty damn awesome

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