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    new shadow priest buffs?

    any new buff coming our way boyz, in 4.3???

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    They haven't said anything about shadow priest buffs for 4.3 yet...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Violent View Post
    I want evidence plz.
    read again please =)

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    Do we need buffs?
    I thought we were doing well, atleast in a pve perspective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laggspike View Post
    read again please =)
    LoL! I diiiid! And I deleted, it's 9:30 AM.. Gimmie a break!
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    How would we know? There have been no patch notes yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Violent View Post
    LoL! I diiiid! And I deleted, it's 9:30 AM.. Gimmie a break!

    sorry :P shit happends =)

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    Shadow is in a really good place right now overall and wouldn't expect any buffs or nerfs aside from small balancing fixes to make sure we don't over/underscale with ilvl ~398/411 gear.
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    I sorta hope they just leave us alone ><

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    I sorta wish they'd make Mastery into something less clunky and cumbersome to monitor constantly. I get pissed off when I Mind Flay 6 times and don't have an orb prob... lol

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    Unlikely, Shadow came out as one of (if not) the top damage specs in Tier 11 (or was this mid-Firelands?). Shadow is in a fine place at the moment.

    Regardless of speculation, which the thread does not ask for, we do not know any facts or patch notes. Thread closed.
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