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    [Music] Unofficial Spotify Thread

    This is a thread for everyone to discuss the recently introduced to the U.S, program, Spotify. I just recently purchased a month of it, and I love it!!!! It is like a combo of iTunes and Napster. I reason I like it, is because its INSANELY responsive and fast. It makes itunes look like a slug. (I really hope they address the speed and stability of itunes soon, its been like that for years) You can get a free version of Spotify via invite only. If your friend buys it, he gets to send 4 invites to friends. So far i'm loving it, its got a great search engine, over 15 million song library, super fast, streams really well on cellphones, and can play music offline.

    How do you guys like it?

    Here is link to website : http://www.spotify.com/us/hello-america/

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    I think I like it, i would enjoy it a lot more if I could figure out the playback settings. I search, The Black Keys, and play a song. After the song is over, you'd expect that the program would play the next song, but it doesn't. Is there an option I need to enable?

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    It should automatically play the next song. (It does for me) You could try the repeat option in the bottom right corner. (but I doubt that would work). Or you could try using the "Play Queue" section.

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    Spotify sucks.

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    I've been waiting for Spotify to come to the U.S. for a while!

    Rdio doesn't have Kaizers Orchestra.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longview View Post
    Every other program does this. Bar none.

    If you play a song from search, it will not keep playing. If you however go to the artist or album and play from there, it'll keep playing.

    I've had spotify since the private beta (february '08 iirc), and in total I've paid for six months of it. They used to have close to everything (except for The Beatles, they were never on there ), even more obscure noise/breakbeat stuff and rare black metal demos (at least according to my friend who is pretty kvlt). They started removing stuff because of copyright claims or similar, and started putting different limitations on the free service (started interrupting for commercials, ads on the application and finally a limit of music per month). I no longer use it, but it's great if you're not too picky about owning the music.
    I've found a lot of pretty indie artists on there, seems like it has as much as iTunes, maybe more.

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    I'm absolutely hooked on Spotify. I like almost all really obscure independent artists and the thing is loaded with stuff I listen to. The whole interface, design and accessibility is top notch.
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    Best part of it is easily the mobile function on iOS and Android. Any song in the world, instantly on your handheld device. Totally worth the £10 I pay a month for it.

    My account is 'spotify:user: peach3500' (no space between the colon and p, just got smiley raped :/) checkout my playlists and shizzle if you're bored :P
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    I've had it for a long time, yes, it's very nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by z00t View Post
    Spotify sucks.

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    So not true.

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    Well, gonna breath life into this MONSTER!

    So my friend just gave me 137 songs, there all screamo , that's 7HOURS! of pure screamo, I really like him now.


    my profile for those interested

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    Spotify is missing a lot of stuff that I'd listen to, plus I don't want to give any money to the people who made those annoying as hell Spotify commercials.

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    I love spotify, used it for like 2 years now

    Edit for the post above me: You can download songs and put them into your spotify playlists if the song isnt on spotify.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluewhale View Post
    Spotify is missing a lot of stuff that I'd listen to, plus I don't want to give any money to the people who made those annoying as hell Spotify commercials.
    You know you could just pay like $10 a month to get no ad's and to get a lot more stuff, it's better then Itunes and there $1-$2 songs :S

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    I have the 10 dollar/month plan. Listening to A Tribe Called Quest at 320 kb/s isn't bad, at all.

    Some content is missing, like Godspeed's discography, but I can live with that. It's a completely legal way to royally screw over the record industry. I will drink to that.

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