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    Monopoly deal...help me not suck so bad!

    Hey all,

    This seemed to be the most appropriate place to post this (if not, feel free to move) but I'm looking for some help on the card game monopoly deal. It's a fun game my wife and I started playing together at the same time, and I absolutely love pretty much all things monopoly, but my wife completely dominates me every time we play together. The closest I've come is needing one more property card to complete a set (with 2 other set completing cards in my hand that would give me the win) but then she started swap/stealing stuff with no way to defend against it.


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    dont lay 1 set at a time. and use cash to 'protect' your other stuff. also first hand dont play anything since you can get up to 7 cards. i OWNED My gf at this game to the point of the cards not being able to be found for some odd reason but none of the other games are to be found. 2 player is quite a bit of luck but a strat i used to love using was getting 3 draw 2 cards cards and using them all in one turn, picing out what i needed and discarding the rest. it gives you a good chance of finding what your opponent may need and smashing it on the bottom of the pile.

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