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    Haste Question

    Currently I'm on 2560 Haste Rating, meaning that I only need another 29 Haste to reach the next tick on VT. I was wondering, is it worth replacing a +40 int gem with a +40 Haste gem to reach this extra tick?

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    I did, except I used two int/hst gems in yellow sockets with +10int bonus.
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    if there is any piece you reforged away from haste on or any item that isn't reforged to haste from whatever is on it that would be a better option, especially rings or wand since that would be the least amount

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    You mean put it in your chest or gloves, or you already replaced one in you chest?
    Why don't you buy Soothing Brimstone Circle and reforge spirit to haste?
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    Please relog in pve gear and Ill try to help.

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    Yeah, I'd already put it in the Chest, but before then I ignored the socket bonus and used 2 Int gems, giving me 80 Intellect. I decided it would be best to put the pure Haste gem in the Chest, and then it made sense to get the socket bonus by replacing the pure Int gem with an Int/Spirit gem.

    Overall I had a tradeoff of: 80 Intellect --> 40 intellect, 20 spirit and the 40 Haste taking me to the VT tick.

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    Honestly no, you're really stretching the value of haste there.

    I'd go the other route, change your 10int bonus's back to 40int, get lavawalker (really you gave up run speed for a mildly good haste cap?) get mastery on gloves, get hitcapped (are you? can't tell if the human racial counts on the armory).

    Alternatively you could spend the VP you must have saved up considering you've only bought the gloves and chest. You could buy the wand to reach 2589 without losing the int from the gem. Or the ring and reforge for it.

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    Yeah, I got that Belt back when I was Healing, and never got around to regemming it, I'll do that tomorrow. However, where I've gemmed the Legs and Shoulders with Haste to get the socket bonus, looking at stat values, it's worth it. 20 Haste beats 10 Intellect, since Haste is worth roughly 0.54 of Intellect. I'll also re-enchant the gloves with the 65 Mastery you suggested, it was really just a case of me being lazy and having mats for the Haste enchant with me at the time.

    Lavawalker, I don't need to be honest. From what I've read, both are just as good as eachother, and it's a matter of preference. I rarely find myself dying because I was too slow to move out of something, unless I was positioned badly in the first place (Engulfing Flames on Ragnaros for example).

    That said, after making these changes, I will lose 50 points of Haste, meaning that I'd have to sacrifice more to reach the extra tick, which wouldn't be worth it, so I will gem back to Intellect on my Robe.

    The Valour Points, you're right, I have a little over 2k of them at the moment. However, I'm waiting to see the drops for the next couple of days before buying anything. Tomorrow I'll most likely kill Majordomo and Ragnaros, then on reset I should kill HC Shannox. Really I want to see if I get the necklace or any of the Tier tokens, since I'll be able to buy the Tier legs on Wednesday too.

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