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    How many of you are using SoS instead of AA\Atone Now?

    Link for reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXVFvXharSg

    I was wondering what everyone thought about SoS at this point. I use it exclusively while tank healing and I prefer it. Compared to AA\Atone I do run out of mana a little faster, but that's only because I rarely if ever use Heal. Instead I Bubble > GH repeat using P when I need to and PoM on cooldown. Getting 7% mana back every time someone damages through a PW:S every 12 seconds is awesome. Most of the time I'll use my Inner Fires for big critting PoH. What I think I like about it most is that it takes out the unreliability of it all: The chances to miss with damage, the chances to not get a crit that you depend on most of the times.

    But I'd have to say the best feeling is looking at Recount and seeing my healing just as high as everyone else but checking out overhealing and see I'm dead last out of all the healers. No more spamming a heal just because it can be spammed and I won't go oom.

    Some things to point out:

    My Spec: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...talent/primary

    Stat Priority: Int > Spir > Haste > Crit > Mastery

    No Matter what I do, I still want more haste. This is because my greater heals take up more time than anything else. Right now I'm anywhere between 2.17 and 2.24 second casts (just got new gear that needs to be gemmed and chanted) and it works fairly well.

    I guess my question is: Does anyone else do this and prefer it? I'd love to hear your thoughts. AMA.

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    I'm using the same healing strategy as you do, however with a different stat priority.

    Int > Spi > Mastery > Crit > Haste

    From a personal experience, I feel discipline priests do not need to stack haste because of Borrowed Time. Technically (read it again; I said TECHNICALLY) discipline priests can have a 14% haste buff for every cast.

    The reason I have mastery high in my priority list goes with that as well. Higher Mastery = more powerful shields, which in turn gives me slightly more uptime to cast that next Greater Heal.

    But the SoS healing strategy is awesome. 60-70k Greater Heal crits with a DA proc surely beats the crap out of a 10-11k smite with a healing coëfficient.
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    Its not so black and white sadly for me at least, i run dual disc because of the very tight dps requirements i need to use atonement on heroic rhyolith(the spark gets a damage taken buff and the archangel times up with stomps pretty well) and heroic major domo(because of the lack of actual healing needed and the fact at 100% concentration atonement heals 4x what it usually does).

    But yeah SoS is my preferred spec but when damage buffs are involved its nice to have a sweet dps(nothing crazy but still way above over healers) without falling behind in hps at any point.

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    as a person above, i have two discipline specs.
    generally (with some exceptions!) i use sos spec when im tank healing and atonement spec when im raid healing.

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    I am a raid healer, not a tank healer.

    When I first put on disc for FL, it was AA/A because I believed having Archangel available was super important for spiking.

    Turned out, most fights only allow you to use AA a couple times. So, I put on SoS spec. Oddly enough, the cookie cutter SoS spec works extremely well for raid healing, too. All those grace stacks to trigger renewed hope really bumps up PoH throughput / effic quite a lot. SoS spec as a whole turned out much more reliable for me as a raid healer. Not SoS itself, per se, because it's pretty pointless for raid healing until you find yourself assigned to a tank for a short while (and this does happen). But the spec as a whole is great for raid healing, especially if you lean hard on Penance all the time.

    Now I'm running a kind of bastardized AA/A SoS hybrid spec (1 point in SoS, 3/3 darkness, 2/3 empowered healing, 2/3 mental agility, 0/2 inspiration) without changing my healing strategy much. Basically, I still want Archangel for that AoE spike throughput, and I still want the huge efficiency boost that SoS raidhealing got me. So, every single 10 second cooldown: penance, holy fire. Like clockwork.

    It seems like now that I have practice healing these fights I get to pop my wings more often at useful times. Awesome!

    Holy fire is amazing, wings are amazing. Smite is just bad. In simulation it works out to 3 HPM. That's so extremely bad it has no place in firelands unless you just have too many healers in your comp. Even smiting domo isn't all that amazing (and I don't care if it tops the meters, it doesn't provide useful throughput when you need it).

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    regarding video: your #1 and #2 spells are Shields and Divine Aegises (at least mine) and you want to rate mastery AFTER anything else!? It's only viable if your a disc-raidhealer, spamming PoH nonstop. She also drops Glyph of Penance though she uses it on CD...remove Glyph of Barrrier or Shield (depending on the fight) instead.

    danblee, you should design your spec and playstlye after the role you are performing in your raid (10m/25m, tank-/raidheal, HM or normal)If your only raid healing and theres someone else buffing the inspiration buff, you may want to drop it and spent the talentpoints elsewhere.

    Im running with Int>>mastery>crit>haste=Spirit trying to have 50-70% of my mastery as crit 'cause they amplify each other. Mastery without crit sucks and crit without mastery is also crap ;-)
    (playing 10man, so there are no tankhealer/raidhealer roles ;-) )

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    SoS is godlike. I would recommend it to anyone who isn't raiding 25m as a designated raid healer.

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    I use AA on majordamo is it. But... that and mabye bale are the only fights i run disc on anyway. SOS is solid, there are fights that if I do them disc I also take focused will, TOT just doesn't beat it imo, and yes even with binding.

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    I'm still AA/A. I'm aware it's not the best spec for most FL fights, but I enjoy the playstyle more, so i'm sticking with it.
    I've got 1/2 SoS btw. I'm considering dropping either one point in mental agility or desperate prayer for 2/2, but havn't made up my mind yet.

    Fights where i use AA/A:
    (note that i have nowhere near full uptime on most fights)

    Shannox - great for tank healing
    Beth - when up top, pop AA after we've jumped back down
    Lord - Smite sparks, pop AA when convenient. I also try to have 5 stacks at the beginning of p2
    Alysrazor - in the burn phase obviously, use AA for the dmg spike right after
    Majordomo - between the first couple of scythes, pop it for when healing starts to get rough. Also smite during the cat phase obviously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zakaluka View Post
    Now I'm running a kind of bastardized AA/A SoS hybrid spec (1 point in SoS, 3/3 darkness, 2/3 empowered healing, 2/3 mental agility, 0/2 inspiration) without changing my healing strategy much. Basically, I still want Archangel for that AoE spike throughput, and I still want the huge efficiency boost that SoS raidhealing got me. So, every single 10 second cooldown: penance, holy fire. Like clockwork.
    Yeah, I've been running a bastardized "everyman" spec that has both, except I've been running this all along.
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    AA/A on Rhyolith (you can use AA for most stomps), Beth'tilac (AA for each Venom Rain), Alysrazor (AA for phase 4), Majordomo (Smite / HF for healing tank + if a melee is soaking the orb, pop AA when you lose your healing buff OR when you assist on orb healing).
    SoS on Baleroc, Shannox.
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    As a priest who is shadow most of the time I have both (sacrificing Darkness and a bit of efficiency for it) and use a priority of INT>SPI>HST>CRIT=MST, which basically means I can use items for both specs without reforging.

    Edit: @Kelesti: Thats exactly the spec I use (almost) all the time since i reached 85.

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