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    a couple quite possibly commonly asked Spriest questions


    i just wanted to know a couple things.

    First, after reaching the 2589 haste goal as stated in the guide, do i continue stacking haste or would mastery be more beneficial at that point?

    Second, should i break casts of mindflay and other any other dot refresh timer over MindBlast? Like if my VT is falling off in the time that it would take for me to cast a fresh one, should I value that over getting in a MindBlast? looking at a world of logs report between myself and a shadow priest that has better gear then me in the same raid and much higher damage output, mindblast was her best spell and for me it was mindflay...


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    always clip mind flay with vt and mind blast, but never let vt fall off. his mindblast damage is probably higher because of 4 piece.. assuming he has it and you don't. Try and mindblast off cooldown, with at least 1 orb, even if you have no orbs and atleast 6 seconds left on ES, you should mind blast.

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    Healyg is correct on the second part of your question, but, for the first part, I'm pretty confident that there is no point at which Mastery actually becomes a more attractive stat than Haste (even when close to a Haste plateau). I *may* be incorrect on this, so your best bet would be to sim our your personal situation.
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    If you regularly get DI keep stack haste. If you don't (which I am assuming you don't since you are going for 2589 haste) while maintaining that haste level you can start stacking more mastery, or just keep stacking haste.

    That's the short short short answer

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    It's been shown time and time again that Haste outweights all other rating stats.
    Even when reaching a hasteplateau you effectivly keep stacking haste.
    With current gear it's impossible to GCD your MF and since your dots always get shorter past the hasteplateaus you can effectively chuck in more dots. Even if it's only a difference of 1 or 2 over a course.

    As far as your dots or MB goes. ALWAYS clip your last tick of VT/DP. And I mean ALWAYS. MF has become a bigger filler skill than it was in WLK cause of the clipping mechanics. The MB portion is as stated above. More than 6.5 secs on Empowered Shadow: Cast away, less than 6.5 secs. Flay to get an orb and recast as soon as you have it.
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