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    Ironyca & Noelani's Roleplay Gear List

    Howdy all, it's the Madgod here with a really great find!

    I was surfing the web, looking for interesting armor combinations for my warrior when I stumbled across a website that's piqued my interest. It's called Ironyca & Noelani's Roleplay Gear List. They've got pages for all of the below, as well as detailed information regarding where you get the armor pieces, level requirements, and avaliability. This website really seems to be a great place to go to find out where some of those nice sets of gear drop without having to fish them out of an item database like wowhead. I know I'll be using them come 4.3.

    They have pages for..

    Since a project like this is constantly being updated, I will be updating this thread as they get more stuff. If you have any suggestions for their team, you can post them here. Again, I highly reccomend these guys for not only your roleplaying needs, but your transmogrification needs as well.

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    Hey Madgod, once again, thanks for your interest in our site!

    Edit: And thanks regarding the post below too!


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    Very cool site!, thanks for sharing it.

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    This site has been thrown around GD for a while now, since it's a prime location for Transmog' gear. Thanks for linking it again, so that it's readily available, though.

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    I love this site. There are some pretty interesting articles floating around there too.

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    Madgod, have I ever told you how much I love you?

    *Turns into Yogg-Saron*


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