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    Disengage doesn't really work.
    And make prot pala solo some schytes with ardent defender one and pain sup + other cds for one etc
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    Definitely paladin tank for this fight, we killed it with a DK and just had 2sec gibs when dps failed at killing flame spirits. Block makes it that much easier.
    Solo soaking is doable, but Domo will get 50 energy back everytime the scythe hits 3- ppl (not sure about exact number, but with 3 he does), so thats neither needed nor very beneficial.

    Hardest part of the fight is orbs as was said, have tank + mdps soak one and two classes with dmg reductions / immunities (spriest mage moonkin lock - not hunter or ele shaman) take the other one. Ensure the rdps on their orb can and are willing to communicate with each other, make sure no1 stands near them or near the middle - that's where you're probably going to stack once orbs are gone, assign a healer to each orb group, have them spam if needed but keep ppl topped off, leaps at high Fury stacks are a killer if you're on orbs.

    Cat leaps are indeed bound to spec, so demolocks or healers standing in melee range sadly dont work.

    Smite priests are powerful on this fight due to concentration double-dipping (2x smite damage from dmg modifier, 2x of that from healing modifier). Dot classes have a bit of an advantage here since they can time their dot refreshes with high concentration and take less of a dps loss from scythes this way.

    Close to the end Leaping Flames will tick for painful amounts, and will be able to kill in 3 ticks, so start moving before he leaps. Try and keep a plan in your head for what you're going to do in the next 5 sec, what if he leaps on you, or on the guy to the right, and start running in to stack in advance to not get blocked off by the flames.

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    If your dps is solid you can just have that ele shaman go resto and eat slashes easily. It seems that the large majority of the strats on MMO forums is to do the 0 slash strat, however we found that 3 healing and using a 12/7/6/7/7/7 strat worked just as effectively, especially if you have that shaman not eating slashes and dropping fully concentrated healing rains + chain heals. As for the range, our hunter had no problem dodging the cat leaps (without using disengage), but the other rdps was having some difficulty - might be some kind of minor lag at play there who knows /shrug.

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    Also, one major thing you should know -- never jump out of fire! You dont "count" as being out of the fire until you land -- hence why when people die and are like "wow look im way outside the fire!". Always run out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dotsandheals View Post
    Also, one major thing you should know --
    I see what you did there.
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    Well we finally got him down, only getting a couple of hours a week on him hampered our learning as usual:

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    we tryed for one full evening to use 13/7/8/7/8/7/3/untilldead
    prot pala
    Holy pala, resto shaman, resto druid
    fury, ret
    lock hunter shadow shadow boomkin
    .. got him to 4% that way but lost players often in the orb phase or in the last scorpid phase,
    next raid day we tryed 0/7/0/7/0/7/0/7 ect and killed him in 2nd try, without hero
    prot pala
    resto druid holy pala
    ret fury frost
    boomkin shadow shadow lock

    Just make sure to run at 90 energy

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    Quote Originally Posted by efefef View Post
    Hi Guys
    Our hunters were even getting hit, I would have thought disengage would secure an easy way out every time?
    Most hunters don't know this apparently but the game code does not treat disengage like blink, it treats it like a jump. So, the game still thinks you are at your previous location until you land. Disengaging out of fire/poo is rarely a good idea for the same reason that jumping as you run out of fire/poo is bad. Disengaging can be useful in certain situations but the majority of the time you will take the same amount or more damage than you would just running out of the void zone.

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