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    "gib me dats" .. gotta go...

    This is what my tax dollars pay for?

    The United States is in debt, civilization around the world is crumbling financially, (take a look at the EU which is on the verge of collapse) ... and... we have people like this.

    How long will this be allowed? Shouldn't welfare food stamps be used for .. oh say rice, beans, goverment cheese, fruits and veggies, ya know a leg up till you get back on your feet?

    This has become a lifestyle for some.

    I think we need to pull the plug.

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    Let the welfares go. Here in Sweden they were like "We gotta save some money here" and then wasted billions to build up an useless arena.

    Its always like that, no gov. can save money without wasting 200% on useless stuffs. If they could make rich people pay alot more taxes and actually SAVE the money, and force people who take welfare to work a bit, well, then it would go up, but no, you cant, its the human nature.

    It doesnt mather if its the gov. or someone winning 30 millions, it will end up in a loss.

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