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    Quote Originally Posted by dope_danny View Post
    They still havent' actually revealed why beerus told frieza to do it.
    My personal head-canon is that when officially operating as GoD, Beerus does a review of multiple planets before deciding which ones to destroy, then goes to destroy them once the evaluation is complete. Last time he was active, after his review he foisted his workload off on Freeza and his empire so that he could slack off instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Golden Yak View Post
    Might be Yamoshi, the original super saiyan god.
    Yamoshi was the original Super Saiyan. Ghost Yamoshi contributed his power to the original Super Saiyan God ritual, empowering... some guy who still remains nameless.
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    or maybe this Saiyan is a God of Destruction who grew so strong and evil which took all of GoD's to imprison him somewhere.

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