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    Target Healing--

    Hey guys,

    New to the priest class and one thing that I wanted to inquire about is that I've seen several PVE raiding vid's and I saw a few people with there UI set up in a way where you don't have to click the target to heal it. They were just able to scroll over there target frame and heal them with out loosing focus on there current target, is this done via UI or with macros? and if so, what are they? thank you!!

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    google mouse-over macros.

    thats is what it is called when you just hover your mouse over a unit frame and can heal it

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    There are macros and addons that can help with this. The macro being /cast SPELL [target=mouseover] and the addons being countless. A popular one being healbot.

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    Personally using mouseover macros on my resto shammy
    Mouseover target = heal that target
    Mouse not over target = heal self

    Works like a charm

    That way i can keep boss or anything else as my target and be ready to purge/interupt without target switching
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    you might want to check out clique, also combine it with grid!

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    other than using mousover macros with the default UI which i never got into you can use Grid + Clique or Vuhdo to do this without macros

    Vuhdo is a little less user friendly but much more customizable if you take the time to fiddle with all the bells and whistles

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    #showtooltip Spellname
    /cast [target=mouseover] Spellname
    Then you just drag the macro to a slot and give it a keybind
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