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  • Lil Wayne

    14 7.45%
  • Eminem

    174 92.55%
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    y00br00 brush *insert random bad word here* y00br00. I love it.

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    eminem despicable best freestyle period : D
    You're right except for 2 things.

    1. My name is spelt "God" not "Loucious-sama".
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    I hate both, but Eminem is better because of his old songs... In the new ones all he does is rant and ruin the actual good parts from the other artists participating in his songs...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tanktop View Post
    if i had to pick one weezy f baby wins easily. he comes up with the most absurd lines, my favorite being...

    "real Gs move in silence like lasagna"

    eminem has just been a parody of himself for quite a while now.

    Its actually pretty clever since it refers to the g in lasagna being silent...
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    Also, Lil B = superior Lil Wayne

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    while listing lil wayne, you forgot to mention his ghost writers in brackets, they need credit too.
    i personally dont listen to either, but em should win by a landslide.
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    I don't think either of them could be called good rappers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chauncey View Post
    Lil' Wayne does not freestyle.


    The man sucks
    Eminem however;

    Can freestyle better than anyone I've ever seen (and that's a lot) between clever wordplay and managing to be funny at the same time is phenomenal. "Shady I don't understand your flow, understand my flow? Bitch I flow like Troy Polamalu's hair boy."

    A true lyrical genius. I'd link Lil' Wayne's freestyle but it was too painful to watch.
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