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    Disc is easier in the extreme beginning since mana is tight.
    Holy is easier when you overgear content.

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    I haven't tried holy in a while, but I find atonement works awesome for 5 mans. Once you get your spirit in the 2000-2400 (or higher if you want), then mana doesn't seem to be an issue (if I run with 2400+ I usually don't have to drink in between pulls).

    But definitely try both. If you aren't running a shadow offspec, then switch back and forth and go with the one you feel more comfortable with as you'll likely do a better with something you enjoy better.

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    I'd use Disc when you start out because it is less reliant on spirit which gives you greater choice when gearing without crippling your mana in the same way.

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    Not sure what you guys are on about. Holy is infinitely more mana-efficient with bad gear. Just roll with the right chakra.

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    Quote Originally Posted by taronlock View Post
    A good idea to use the dual spec Holy / Discipline, try both and use the best for you.

    A lot of the posts in this thread are biased and greatly effected by personal opinion. In the end, what you like more will matter most.
    Both specs are viable from first dinging 85 to FL raids.

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